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DATE:    May 23, 2004

TIME:     9:00 pm

LOCATION:   Evangeline Parish, Louisiana

TERRAIN:    Wooded with large swampy lake and ponds nearby

OBSERVED:    This sighting occurred by my wife, though I was nearby. Two facts I must state...I have been interested and active in pursuit of bigfoot sightings in Louisiana, and have read about a sighting around this general location, so there might be some bias there.

We spent the holiday at xxxxx xxxxx  in a remote area of the swamp and then our second night we drove down to Louisiana to camp at the xxxxx xxxx, in the southern campground. The tent campground is located in some very dense swampy woods just to the southwest of the lake. After fishing along the lake at the north end we headed home. Our campground was bordered to the south and west with a few other campers in tents and RV's. To the east was dense woods pocketed with small swampy ponds then some distance to the borders of the lake in the park. We had come back and set up our tent and on the park bench began unloading food as the sunset. It was almost dark, and the forest was really thick, and quiet, so that you could hear everything in the night. We had lit a small battery lamp that gave off a florescent glow on the table and XXXXXX had sat down on the bench near it. That was all the light we had. We had begun to unload some food, including some pork for cooking I was standing near the little lamp and wrapping the meat into some baggies for the cooler. XXXXX and I were chatting and she sat quietly watching me as I walked up behind our tent on the nearby hill to clean my hands. This is what my wife saw:

She heard nothing but silence, and slowly turned her head when she saw a very large brown shape right at the camp table slowly and quietly turn and walk back into the shadows. This thing made no sound, left no sign of prints in the muddy creek bordering the camp, and XXXXX said it was so big and quiet, it really
terrified her. She called me, and I thought it was just a raccoon, which we later saw many of in the camp. But when she said it had just left and was big, I was thinking I could see it with my powerful flashlight, but I strolled the woods and the creek and I saw nothing and heard nothing at all. Whatever it was had been watching me handle that meat and the minute I left behind the tent it had silently crept up to the table and was obviously startled to see my wife turn her head, and it left really fast, because I would have heard or seen the thing, as I quickly scoped all around the woods and camp after that. But I heard
The next day I took picture of lots of raccoons and a print but saw no sign of the thing except very deep print in the mud. The print looks oblong and very deep like a small boy would make, but no toes. just an oblong shape. It baffles us as XXXXX could not see anything like legs or a head that a dog or wolf might have. She described it as hunched over, light brown and very furry or with thick fur, and its response to her turning her head was to turn its body silently and move back into the shadows.
Looking at the volume of raccoons we had, plus all the large amounts of flooding in the bayous in that part of the country this spring, I suspect the thing could, like the coons, be accustomed to camper food surrounding the high ground surrounding the lake park, because that thing obviously had been watching me and very quickly and silently moved into our camp very fast and disappeared just as fast....Ive asked XXXXX if it looked like a fox, or raccoon, or bear, or coyote, but we cannot find an animal that matches. So we think it is Bigfoot.

Activities of Witness:   It was very early evening, and the raccoons had just begun to appear around our camp. We could see their little eye reflections on the ground later. We had unpacked some food, but the event didn't occur till I had unpacked some pork loins at the table and left to wash my hands.

Description of Creature:  A large "rectangular"; (vertical) furry creature with very thick fur or hair, appearing brown to light brown in color. Creature very very shy but very intelligent, enough to creep into our camp in full view enough to smell our table of food, then silently disappear into the shadows. Smart enough not to come back even after food is left out and I watch from my tent flap at some distance from the bait. Quick enough to disappear even after appearing at the seen and scanning the surrounding woods with a high beam flashlight. No tracks but one that suspicious and no tracks for 200 yards at any of the surrounding creeks and muddy bogs.

Other Notes:    I explored the region east of our campground where this thing came from, and its filled with tiny dense wooded creeks and small swampy ponds that lead into the actual cypress lake of the park. I found a dead raccoon, and the single print in a creek bed, but no sign of any prints of any dog, or coyote or bear anywhere. Very strange. I did stay up that night and left food out to see if the thing would come back, but all I was able to see till 2 am was raccoons, some of which were big but these were gray and nothing like what XXXXX saw. I went to bed and the next morning a trash bag some ten feet up a tree was ripped down. No other signs of the creature...really baffled by what she saw. She is still scared and wont talk about it.

We saw or heard nothing, though I remember reading of one couple who have fished at the swamp and did see a white female bigfoot at the waters edge some years ago. I suspect what XXXXX saw was a young bigfoot. There are also numerous recent sightings north of there in LA near XXXXX.

I have photos of the print but not convinced its a print of the creature. It was found in the muddy creek bed just feet from the location XXXXX said the creature disappeared into, as it was dark and the light was very minimal (we later fired up our large gas lantern)

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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