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DATE:    April 1983

TIME:     Evening around dusk

LOCATION:   Iberville Parish, Louisiana

TERRAIN:    Swampy

OBSERVED:    It was April of 1983. We were on a crawfishing trip and camped out, I think, on Bayou xxxxxx in or near the Atchafalaya Basin.  The reason I say "I think"; we were on Bayou xxxxxxx is because we took the xxxxxxx exit off of the Atchafalaya Bridge but then we had to travel about x miles on a dirt-road levee to get to where we were gonna camp.  On the camping trip were  my now ex-husband, my dad, my brother-in-law, my sister,  my uncle and me.  A friend of my uncle's told him about a lake that was about an hour's boat-ride away from where we were camped that had a lot of big blue catfish.  We had a couple of aluminum boats for the crawfishing and my ex-husband brought his new bass boat along just so we could do some sight-seeing.   The reason I mention this is if anyone familiar with the area is reading this I don't want them to think we are a bunch of know-nothings bringing our fancy glitter bass boat down to go crawfishing.  We knew better but it was a new boat and we just wanted to try it out.  Back to the ex- husband, my dad, my brother-in-law and I took off for this great fishing spot down what looks like a canal but is
really an opening in the middle of a bunch of woods.  In the spring the water fills up this basin area so just the tops of trees are sticking up out of the water.  Sometimes you just see the roof of an old camp site or home site sticking up out of the water.  During this time crawfishing is great.  After the water drains out it is leafy bottoms, good hunting ground for deer or whatever.  Truly a sportsman's paradise.

We traveled what seemed like forever and fished for a little while.  The sun was starting to go down so we decided we had better
head back to camp because it would be impossible for us to see anything in the dark with all the trees around.  What we didn't realize was how shallow the water was in the first place.  The tide had evidently gone out while we were en route to the lake and our heavy bass boat with that great big motor on the back of it bottomed out. So there we sat, the sun going down, our boat bottomed out,
and it's pretty snakey around those parts.  We had already seen a few snakes in the limbs of trees (resting, escaping the high water) while we were checking our crawfish traps and nobody wanted to get in the water to pull the boat out.  We tried kicking the motor up with it running to get it off the bottom and rocking the boat back and forth, making quite a bit of racket. We turned the motor off and while we were discussing our dilemma we heard something moving through the water, like walking towards us. We stopped talking, listened, it stopped moving.

We wondered what it could be, maybe a deer, maybe a bear, but none of us had ever really heard of any bears around there.  It started moving closer to us, this time limbs are cracking off of some trees.  Not twigs, limbs.  I don't remember any other noises, just the walking through the water, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh at a very steady pace and the limbs cracking.  I had a .380 Bersa  pistol next to me which my ex-husband promptly took from me and I have to say I was quite relieved of the responsibility.  We were all pretty nervous and nobody moved or said anything.  My ex-husband told whatever it was that he had a gun, if it is somebody then they had better start talking.  Still, "it" kept moving closer and the tree limbs were cracking louder and sounding nearer  than we were comfortable with. All of the men in my family have hunted and fished all of their lives and they all felt like this wasn't a deer or a bear
because it wouldn't move away from us, only kept getting closer.   Finally, my dad said "to hell with this"; and jumped in the water and pulled us off of the bottom we were wedged on. My brother-in-law commented about all the snakes.  My daddy said he wasn't worried about any snakes, he was more worried about whatever was coming through those trees. We hurriedly dropped the motor and got moving.  We never saw anything.  From time to time I ask one of the men if they really think it was a bigfoot, thinking maybe we all overreacted.  We all admit we were scared but don't know what it was.  I am convinced it was a Bigfoot.

Activities of Witness:   On a camping and crawfishing trip.

Description of Creature:  N/A

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no further information to add to this report.

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