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Report Received From Confidential GCBRO Researcher Field Notes and Investigations.

DATE:    1979

TIME:     2:00 am

LOCATION:   Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

TERRAIN:    Swampy

OBSERVED:    Two witnesses were hunting deer in the early morning hours with head lamps from a boat.  They entered a canal which was dug by an oil company to drill an oil well.  The banks of the canal were much higher than that of the surrounding marsh and swamp.  As they shined the bank, they
observed a deer running full sprint into the marsh.  They decided to pull the boat up to the bank and walk the ridge line towards where the deer was seen running.  As they approached the shoreline, they illuminated a set of large red eyes standing next to a large oak tree roughly 20 yards from the shoreline.  The eyes were observed blinking and what ever it was attempted to hide behind a large oak branch.  As they watched, the eyes would appear from behind the branch and then back again.  They were very frightened and jerked the boat motor into reverse and backed away very fast.  They observed something then run from behind the tree away from them.  They observed a large hairy animal running on two legs away from them.  They then fled in their boat and went back to their camp a good ways from that location.  The next morning they returned to see what they could discover. They docked their boat in the same spot on the bank near the oak tree and walked over to the tree.  The branch which was hiding the red eyes, was approximately 7 feet off the ground.  They could reach up to touch it.  No other signs were

Activities of Witness:   Hunting for deer at night with a head lamp from a moving boat.

Description of Creature:  Large brownish hair, on two legs, turning and running away.  Large red eye glow, blinking occasionally.

Other Notes:    Both hunters never returned to the location again.  Each has remained silent as they feared that they would be humiliated by family and friends.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Above report was taken in person while speaking directly to the witness involved.

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