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DATE:    February 8, 2015


LOCATION:   Plymouth County, Massachusetts  

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

So a few months ago at my moms apartment i had the window open laying in bed. Off in the woods i start hearing whistling and jibber-jabber going back and forth between two somethings for about 2 hours.

So today (Feb 8th, 2015) i went scouting for deer in my moms woods. Me and my friend built this fort with two 20-ft logs leaning on a boulder. This thing stood through like 20 tropical storms and hurricane Sandy. It never moved. But today i found one log 35 ft away from the boulder and the other on the other side of the trail wedged between 3 trees. I kept walking and found something i never expected to in a million years. A trackway. I found a freaking trackway. Each track was about 15'' long and 7" wide. With 5-6 ft in between each track. Usually there would be deer tracks but there was absolutely nothing except for these. They went from a deer bedding area into a bunch of low thick crap. I took a pic and got the hell outta there haha. Not too sure im gonna be going back out there anytime soon.

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Track Found

Track found in Plymouth County, MA.

Hand for size comparision to track

Track photo of track found in Plymouth County, MA with hand for size comparison.

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