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Reported taken and submitted by: Fred Grimmnitz

Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Form, in cooperation with the Field Research Notes of Fred Grimmnitz.

DATE:    December 2003

TIME:     8:00 am

LOCATION:   Montgomery County, Maryland

TERRAIN:    Mostly farm land with some woods and  parks,

OBSERVED:    A lady was jogging with her dog. Turned up a road, felt like some one was watching her. When she got up to a patch of woods, she looked to her right and saw a big hairy human like creature that looked like a ape at the edge of the woods. It moved away so quickly that her dog who was running on the outside of her did not see it. See waited a few days before she called me.  I went to the site but it was plastered with no trespassing signs so I could not see much.

I showed her photos of huge footprints in the snow taken in 1995 in woods along a stream about 10 minutes away from where she had her sighting. She was amazed and said "Well those photos make me feel better, because I know what I saw".   The person who took those photos in 1995 told me that he also saw something in December, 2003. He said he was going north on rte. XX at about midnight when he saw something step out of the woods way down the road, when it saw his lights it turned around and went back. At first he thought it was a big man dressed in black but when he thought about it he thinks it was the same type of creature that left the big footprints in the snow.

Activities of Witness:   Jogging

Description of Creature:  Big hairy human like creature that looked like a ape

Other Notes:    I also had the owner of a restaurant where I stop a lot, tell me that one of his customers told of a sighting at the lake, which is very close to her sighting. He is going to put me in touch with that person. I don't know the date of this report. Maryland has had reports since the 1600's and Montgomery County has had reports since it was first founded

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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