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DATE:    11-14-10  

TIME:     19:25  

LOCATION:   Barry or Stone County Missouri  

TERRAIN:    Wooded  

OBSERVED:    In November of 2010 I decided to investigate the reports of two fishermen that allegedly had rocks thrown at them from a Bigfoot at The Old Wire Road CA, in Crane Mo. I packed my gear from St. Louis and headed in that direction with the idea that I would camp at the area, hoping to get a kayak in the water. Turns out there was no camping allowed and the creek was shallow and debris filled at the Ford making it impossible for kayak travel, Now, at the time, firearms deer season was in full swing so I had to be cautious when entering the Wire Road area. I used the daylight hours to investigate the terrain and walked for a couple of miles, starting out walking the creek banks til I crossed the creek at a bend and climbed up the embankment to the old trail. I noticed a small cave to my left and went in hoping to see prints from a bigfoot. This cave was not deep nor tall but a bigfoot could take shelter there if needed. The only evidence there was of human activity, beer can and prints, but I thought it would be a good spot to set up a video recorder for later. I spotted a flat rock overhang on the bluff ridge above and decided it would be a good vantage point for me to set up observation so I found my way up to  the ridge and located the spot where the flat rock was, noticing a small game trail crossing just behind the rock. 

Additional Info:    I walked back out of the woods and waited for nightfall to come and the hunters to exit. At dusk I trekked back in, positioned myself on the rock above and to the right of the cave entrance and unpacked my video gear. I could hear distant cars from the main road, cows in a far away field and an occasional dog in the distance. Soon it was pitch black, one could not see their hand in front of their face. I turned on the video recorder with night vision and pointed it towards the trail below hoping to catch any movement towards the cave entrance. At about 7pm-ish I hear a scream from a small animal in a tree to my rear and right up on the ridge behind me about 30 yards away. I figured it was just a small animal fighting with another, when it came down out of the tree and charged straight for me screaming at the top of it's lungs. It's pitch black and I could not see what it was but figured it was a raccoon with a pissed off frame of mind so I grabbed a mag light and pointed it in the direction of said coon, yelling at it to move out. It came within five yards from me (even though I couldn't see it because of the underbrush) before it turned and ran away. The quickness of it's footfall and lightness of weight told me it was a small animal, and that was a good thing because it startled the livin'____ out of me. I decided to get off the bluff and worked my way down to the trail. By this time the moon had come up over the ridge (nearly full) and lit up the trail enough to see without using a light. I set up at the entrance to the small cave for an hour or so with no activity. As I'm walking away from the cave suddenly a rock comes flying off the bluff and lands right at my feet.  Not a big rock but about the size of a golf ball or a little larger. Now I'm ten feet away from the bluff wall at least. I first passed it off as the raccoon tossing a rock at me for being on it's lookout point, but then I got to thinking, could a raccoon loft a rock at a person with such precision as to put it right at your feet? 
Activities of Witness:    N/A

Description of Creature:  I stood there for a moment and listened for any movement but heard nothing, saw nothing, smelled nothing. I stayed out there until about 10 p.m. before heading back to my truck. I did not see a Bigfoot that night but I, like the other two men who where in that area had a rock thrown at me. Was it a Bigfoot or just a pissed off raccoon? I'm not so sure it was a raccoon that did the rock throwing.

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    There have been reports of Bigfoot activity in and around this county and the neighboring county in the recent past. There is also reports of two men fishing on the creek at another date had rocks thrown at them by a Bigfoot (allegedly).  A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon Contact the Witness Added:  There is a report that comes out of Southwest City last year about a class A encounter in the early hours of the morning where an alleged Bigfoot was digging in a trash can when these two men drove up on it. Also reports from an encounter not to too far from Crane, Mo. That I intend to investigate by water in the near future. I have investigated many areas in Missouri over the years and have had some success with finding bedding structures up in Lincoln County Missouri. Troy and Pike Counties have also yielded some interesting finds. My fascination for the Bigfoot phenomena in particular began in the summer of 1972 when I spent the summer with my uncle at his farm in Flint Hill, Mo. Mid July, 10:00 p.m., aunt, uncle, cousin, sister and myself where sitting in the kitchen when we heard the chickens start to squawk. Thinking it was a coyote trying to snatch a hen my uncle went out to the pen to check it out. Minutes later he comes running into the house, wild eyed and out of breath stating that he encountered a creature that stood 8 foot tall, about 600 pounds, covered from head to toe long, white hair (wavy). It was at the pen when it turned and looked right at my uncle not 20 ft from it. It then turned and ran down the gravel drive on two legs, cleared the two lane pea gravel and tar road in one step and jumped a four foot barbed wire fence with the grace of a professional athlete and cut a diagonal path into the woods through a tall field of corn. My uncle and I grabbed a couple of thirty thirties and flashlights and went in pursuit of the creature, following the diagonal path through the corn to edge of the woods, I split left and he to the right with plans to rendezvous in forty five minutes back at the edge of the field. I went into the woods about a hundred yards and put my back to a tree and sat down to listen for anything moving in the woods. I heard nothing, in fact, the woods were exceptionally quiet this night, not even insects making noise. After some time, I hear my my uncle calling me and I headed back to the edge of the field where my uncle was waiting. He said that he did not see the creature again but did find some large tracks. I did not see the the creature, or tracks left by it, but there was a clear path cut diagonal through the corn field that was clearly made by something large and in a hurry. We had not yet heard of the reports that started to filter into the media about the MOMO incident until about a week later, when neighboring farmers started to talk about their personal sightings. However, it wasn't until about four years ago, when I was reading a book called Apes in America that I read a section devoted to the MOMO incident, where someone gave an eyewitness account of a WHITE one in the same month and year and very near our location, only on the Illinois side of the river. In 2010 I put my kayak in the Calumet Creek just north of Clarksville Mo. and paddle to its end West of 79. About halfway through I crossed a small tributary for lack of a better word when the undergrowth started to shake violently and loud grunting emanated from the bushes. I half expected to see a deer jump and run or a feral pig bolt from the brush but nothing appeared. As soon as I passed the area, the motion stopped and all went silent. On my way back about two hours later and at the very spot, it happened again. Loud thrashing about and grunting. Again as soon as I passed the area, no more action and no sounds. I couldn't tell you what it was because I didn't see anything except the movement of the brush. Back in 1966 just outside of Bloomsdale Mo. in my great uncles log cabin I heard wood knocking in the valley, a heavily wooded area, that echoed throughout the forest. My uncles cabin backed right up to the edge. Even then I couldn't figure out what could possibly be making that noise and I ran through all of the known (to me) possibilities and still couldn't reach a conclusions. Now of course I realize that it was most likely a Bigfoot trying to communicate to others while migrating through Missouri.

I get very little time to use the computer so I'd like to clarify a couple of things from this afternoon's e-mail. In 1966, the area around Bloomsdale Mo. was real country with few neighbors and lots of forest and not much traffic. The wood knocking occurred sometime in the midnight hour.  I heard this from a hand hewn, two room log cabin with no inside plumbing, heat provided by a fireplace built from river rock and an outhouse. Water was supplied via cistern and was carried in a bucket to the cabin to be used for whatever we needed it for. The entire valley was like this and everyone lived simply. The reason I'm stating this is because I wish to paint a picture of the rural-ness of the area.  To hear this reverberating bang throughout the valley was something so different that you had to take notice.  Not a shotgun or rifle blast or logging efforts or woodpecker, but distinct wood knocks, one at a time, about 6 in all, one minute apart. Back in '72 I went with my uncle to pursue this creature, but did not actually see it. In 2010 I went into the field in several Mo. counties following up on reports of sightings from these locations. Lincoln County, CA has been the best place for what I feel is evidence for Bigfoot passing through the area that I have seen to date with the exception of the '72 incident. I've filmed what I initially thought were footprints, but upon later viewing had to dismiss them as multiple human tracks with animal over steps. . At one point and the farthest into one of the trails I see two separate tree structures that would baffle anyone.. The trail, you could tell, had not been used in some time and started to become indistinguishable from the rest of the forest floor. I stopped to check the time, having the need to give myself enough time to get back out before nightfall, and when I turn around, I see two trees (living) about 35 ft high with a dia. of about 5 in. and about two feet apart, pulled over in an arch to the ground and the tops pinned down with heavy deadfall creating a canopy.  I'm just guessing of course but I don't think that any human could achieve such a feat. As I'm scanning the area, about 30 ft. from the first structure I see another set of living trees pulled over in the same fashion. Underneath both structures there were indentations where something had been sleeping. The forest floor with leaves and plants had been pressed down creating a hollow about 6-7 feet in diameter.  I continued to move along the trail 'til I came upon a creek where I rested and then headed back out. I had spent about 6 hours in this section of the area. Several miles away in another section, I filmed what I thought were Bigfoot tracks on the muddy banks of a remote lake . These I later dismissed as human/animal tracks, one atop the other. I went in initially with the thought that a bigfoot could not take refuge in this area without being seen. After spending the entire day there I can easily see how a migrating Bigfoot could stay in this area for several days without anyone seeing it or them at all. Food, shelter and water abound there, not to mention seclusion.  I have plans for other field investigations in the near future.

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