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DATE:    04/01/76 

TIME:     Sunset 

LOCATION:   Cape Girardeau, Missouri 

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    I have never told a research group this before; however, I have told my friends & family & they have never believed me & have made fun of me. I was a sophomore in college at Southeast MO St. Univ. & my boyfriends & I went to Trail of Tears to lay out in the sun & study. I heard tree saplings being broken & I stood on top of a picnic table & down in the wooded ravine, I saw what looked like a bear walking on 2 feet with features of a human being, but covered with fur. I screamed for my boyfriend who was looking for relics and in an instant, it was gone. I will swear to this by taking a lie detector test. It's the absolute truth. When it was walking, it would swipe the trees gently & they would break off for it to walk. I did NOT feel threatened at all. I felt sorry for it actually, because it had a certain sadness to it. Hard to explain.

Additional things: The forest got extremely quiet right before I saw it. 

Activities of Witness:   We were laying on a blanket reading our textbooks. We had been kissing earlier. Not really talking. If we did, it was in a low voice. I think we were the only ones in the park. Never saw anyone else or any cars while we were there. It was like the first warm day of spring & we were anxious to get outside in the sun.  

Description of Creature:  About 7 ft. tall, brown fur, walking on hind legs, gentle-not threatening-sort of like it was lost & not sure where to go. Fur not matted. Features of face were similar to humans, but covered in fur. Never reported it because I wanted to protect it & still do, but I need validation of what I saw because I KNOW what I saw and want to talk to someone who believes in it that will not make fun of me & think I am crazy. 

Other Notes:    Trail of Tears State Park is part of the trail that the Indians were forced to take. It lays along the Mississippi River, encompasses thousands of acres and is quite hilly with deep ravines.  

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments When Contacted the Witness Added: I want to add that it (I think it was a he for some reason) did look directly at me after I noticed it and when my voice could actually yell, I yelled for my boyfriend. I was so frightened at first, that I couldn't make a sound with my voice, although I tried & couldn't. What made me look was the sound of limbs being snapped into and I couln't see anything until I stood on top of the picnic table. At the point that I yelled to my boyfriend and turned my head away searching for him, is when it vanished into the thick woods.
If you don't believe me, that's fine. But my boyfriend at the time works now for the Secret Service and worked for the FBI before that & you could get his side of the story, although he never actually saw it, but he will remember how frightened I was & the description I gave to him was the same I give to you. I am an honest person and a Christian & I swear on the Holy Bible that this is the truth.  IT DID NOT POSE AS A THREAT TO ME & IF ONE IS FOUND, I BEG YOU NOT TO  PUT IT INTO A ZOO OR CAPTIVITY.

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