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DATE:    June 20, 2000 

TIME:     6:00 PM 

LOCATION:   Claiborne County, Mississippi 

TERRAIN:    Thick, hilly woodland with many creeks 

OBSERVED:    Approx. 7 ft. tall, long arms, dark brown/black hair. Walked across the road 30 yards in front of my car at a brisk pace and entered a thicket. I pulled over where I saw it go in, got out and stood at the edge of the woods and listened. There was no sound (not even the crickets) and the woods were too thick to see more than 10 ft. There was a musty smell. I called "hello" and got no response. It must have been very still or I would have heard it. After a minute I left, heart pounding, feeling terrified at the thought of having almost entered the woods and possibly meeting it in the darkness. I have had several audible encounters while walking along the sand bar on the banks of the bayou. The sound is of large limbs or trees breaking in the evening at dusk. Twice in the same location. A thick dark, flat patch of woods at the bottom of a ridge overlooking the bayou. The bayou is shallow enough to cross here, and on the other side is a large crop field. I think he sleeps there. I'm going back this June and this time I'm going in. 

Activities of Witness:   I often visit this area because, growing up, I hunted deer, turkey, squirrel, and even now, Indian artifacts, and civil war era relics. The sighting occurred as I drove back to town from the hunting club, who leases this land. I was visiting the site behind the camp where my father died in 1995. The sun had fallen just behind the tree-tops and I had just made a turn onto a downhill sloping part of the road with forest on both sides. It was still too light out for me to have my headlights on. 

Description of Creature:  7 ft tall. 350-400lbs. Very Muscular. Only slightly forward leaning while walking. Normal gate for a large man. Arms appeared slightly longer than normal. The shape of his head/neck/shoulders was like a weightlifter with an 80's metal hairdo/no visible neck. I estimate the head to toe dark brown/black hair to be 4 inches long. The face, hands and feet matched the hair in color, so it appeared "featureless". From the side, the nose appeared flat and the chin was not pronounced.

Other Notes:    I'll let you know what I find this June, when I go back. The sighting and other encounters have occurred between hunting seasons, when there are no hunters in the woods and I feel it's safe to hike/scout the woods and banks of the bayou.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    As I said before. I have heard in the evenings several times what I believe to be one of these creatures making a bed for itself in a very dark repeated specific area out of trees and branches.

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