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DATE:    12/6/1980  

TIME:     2 am  

LOCATION:   Lincoln County, Mississippi  

TERRAIN:    Open field recently cut for hay  

OBSERVED:    6 of us boys between 12 and 17 were out in a field behind my fathers house camping out sort of we were playing a game called fox and hound basically hide and seek with a race back to home base if you are spotted and where you are considered safe as usual the older boys chose the younger two me and my friend John to be the hounds well we turned our heads and counted while they all went into my fathers shed to sneek a ciggarette and a beer while we searched like fools for them in the field where we had agreed the game would take place after five minutes running around close to the home base we decided to go further to stir one of them the object was to protect the home base and to prevent them from getting there by tagging them we kept looking back as we advanced into the darkness to se if one of them was making a run for it but nothing after going out about a hundred yards in the open field we could see a street light over accross a corn field to the next farm a good half mile away and we were very close to the woods to our right it was pitch black but as we moved close to the wood line I sudenly saw from the distant light a hudled mass on the ground about 100 feet from us the strange thing was we walked very close to this area going to our right and seen nor heard anything. Squinting my eyes with the tiny beam of light i seen the outline of hair i wispered to John there they are all laying on the ground act like we dont see them and we will move between them and home base then we will rush them. So we gandered back to our left and retreated a little in case they made a break for it THEN WITH THE QUICKNESS OF A DEER WE WENT RIGHT AT THEM NOW WE WERE LAUGHING AND YELLING AND RUNNING AS HARD AS WE COULD BUT IT WAS STRANGE THEY DID NOT MOVE THEN I THOUGHT IS THIS A COW 25' AND CLOSING LIKE A HEAT SEEKING MISSILE 10' ALL OF A SUDDEN A DEEP INHALATION AND A STRAIGHT STAND UP OF THE TALLEST ANIMAL I HAVE EVER SEEN ALL ENGINES IN REVERSE TO LATE i AM GOING TO COLLIDE WITH IT IT WILL SURELY KILL ME EVERY MUSCLE FROZE EVERYTHING IN SLOW MOTION THOSE ARMS ARE AT LEAST 6 FOOT LONG AS THE CREATURE IS NOW FULLY ERECT i AM DIGGING MY HEELS IN TO STOP AS I DO MY FEET START TO GO OUT FROM UNDER ME ALL i CAN THINK IS DONT FALL BUT IT'S TOO LATE i AM GOING TO SLIDE RIGHT UNDER THIS THINGS FEET RIGHT THEN JOHN RUNS INTO MY BACK TRYING TO STOP HIS MOMENTUM AND GRABBING MOTION TO KEEP ME BETWEEN HIM AND THE CREATURE STOPS MY FALL BUT PUSHES ME WITHIN 6-8 INCHES OF THE CREATURE i AM LITERALLY BETWEEN LEFT ARM AND WASTE AREA i LOOK UP AND SEE ONE BIG GREEN EYE LOOKING DOWN AT ME WITH SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A GIRL THAT COMBS HER LONG HAIR OVER HER FACE AND i CAN SEE THE EYE THROUGH THE SEPARATION IN THE HAIR i WANT TO RUN BUT CANT UN LOCK MY MUSCLES HE WILL SURELY SLAP MY HEAD OFF WITH THOSE LONG ARMS ANY SECOND BUT NO HE TAKES A HEAVY STEP AWAY FROM ME AND THEN THE JETS RETURN AS i WHEELED AROUND i REMEMBER THE FEAR THAT HE WOULD CATCH ME FROM BEHIND i HAVE NEVER RUN SO FAST

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Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments I do have a lot more detail about this event however I would like to contact my friend before I go into it because I will be putting his name out there for the past 25 years every time we speak we review our memories of that night and agree that there is no doubt about what happened or what we seen I am 45 years old now and live I'n the Virgin Islands and to this day I am afraid of the woods I played In as a child it was life changing very strange when I go home to visit I often have nightmares at my age of that thing chasing me In that field when I see a program on tv some times it triggers a night mare or 2 so I avoid watching those shows it seems strange that someone wants to go In the woods at night with equipment and search for this thing I promise the last thing they want is to corner what I saw I don't have the luxury of something crossed the road I seen it In the woods a hundred yards away I literally brushed against his big stinking body with my right ear and shoulder.
Not fat like on TV tall and slender.
Hair more wiry and long and not nearly as thick as the fat ones on TV. Black and grey very human face just black skin under hair not growing out of face but hanging over if I had to call it some thing it would be big hand not foot the hand passed right around me and it must have been 18 inches long.
Full facial expression of anger and fear teeth clinched but showing like a scowl eye almost seemed illuminated as the little bit of light reflected out of it big and brown green as we stared straight at each other for a split second you could tell it made him sick to be that close to us.
Very quite and smart not to move until it was for sure we seen
Thank god he stood up from that crouch he was in or we would have jumped right on him.
I thought for that fraction of a second he was going to speak because of the deep inhalation his lungs must be the size of a 55 gallon drum it was the same sound a human makes when he gasp just much deeper In base.
His first step was the last I saw it was a single step that thumped the ground like he stumped his foot
I spun and John was still looking at it I pushed him to the side and took off the foot steps behind me were Johns but I was not taking any chances as we rounded the corner of my fathers house both of us went down I'n the gravel their were the older boys there sitting on the porch we begged my older brother to go see he was taking so long we pulled him to the edge of the house and as soon as we looked across the field we seen it run under the street light at Bristers farm it had made it nearly a mile by the time we ran a hundred yards he Imediately told everyone to go inside I wanted to wake my father up but he said you better not he will beat your butt I did not care so I went into my fathers room and said Daddy he said what's wrong I said I am scared he said of what I told him what I seen he said go back I'n the living room I am coming. My brother ridiculed me and said that if my father smelled beer on him I was going to get it.
My father is as country and calm as anyone I have everknown but what he told us when he came I'n the kitchen really shocked me.
He said yea it's that damn monkey that my uncle has that is causing that thing to come around here Cedo my uncles chimp has a cage I'n the back yard of my uncles house about 200 yards I'n front of my fathers house he said he had heard the monkey raising he'll a couple of times at night over the past couple of weeks and both times he went to the window he seen this thing run by I was shocked so was everyone else I'n the room.

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