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DATE:    1971

TIME:     Approximately 9:30 pm

LOCATION:   Pike County Mississippi

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    Saw large hairy thing looking in window about 6 inches from my face. I heard NO sound, but the animal was looking through the window at me with intelligence and I had a 9mm pistol beside me and all I could think of was getting the hell out of there. I forgot about the pistol but I will never forget the face and eyes for they seem to have an intelligence in them while it studied me. I was parking with a girlfriend (now my ex) on the (then) gravel road. I had the feeling someone was looking at me and when I quickly turned around it was right there looking at me and if the window had been down I could have kissed it. The most remarkable thing I remember was the intelligence in the eyes and even though I had a pistol for self-defense all I could think of was leaving, I do not even remember turning the car keys but I do remember I thought that the car would never grab traction, when it did I threw gravel as far as possible and got out of there. I look back on the experience and still remember

I have never went back but about six months another friend started to tell me what he and his girl had seen and I stopped him and told him, "Bigfoot";, he was surprised that I knew because neither of us had ever mentioned it before and we both saw it with our girlfriends, and, both ladies saw the same thing. I have never told this story to any paper nor do I wish ANY kind of publicity or my name mentioned except for your staff.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at . I will NEVER forget the face nor the eyes for they seem to have intelligence and softness with no intent of harm or it could have surely broken the window and I was right there on the other side of the glass. If it had wanted to hurt me it could have. The eyes however had an intelligence that seemed to surprise me more than anything. I had always carried a 9mm pistol for protection but that was the last thing on my mind.

Activities of Witness:   Parking

Description of Creature:  All I saw was the face, it looked like an old, old gorilla except with more human features and the eyes were intelligent as if it was wondering what I was doing. The eyes were approximately 1.5 to 2.0 inches in width across and the gleam sparkled, the skin was clear on the cheek and part of the face below the cheek-bone, the mouth was closed but wide about 5 or 6 in. and the animal had hair standing all up around the head and sides of the face, there were a couple of wrinkles under the eyes just like a person would have, the eyes were brown with white around them, the nose seemed a little turned up and I could see the holes in the nose with a few hairs coming out of the nose like a man (BUT I ASSURE YOU THIS WAS NOT A MAN OR I WOULD HAVE PULLED THE PISTOL AND RUN THEM AWAY). The forehead had about three or four wrinkles in it where there to there was little hair, I could not see the ears for the amount of hair and it was black with a tinge of dirt or light brown on the tips.

Other Notes:    We did notice that all the frogs, crickets and wildlife around a small pond suddenly went quiet, other than that I was surprised that something so large could walk up on me and I not hear it for I was raised in the woods staying two weeks at a time living off what ever we shot to eat and water from a mud hole or where ever we could get water. A first cousin and I stayed in the woods with a blanket and rifles and shells and never went hungry but even as stealthy as I was, this thing surprised me.

Mr. xxxx  and his ex-wife saw the same, or another , animal at the same location about six months later. Neither my X or I had ever mentioned it to them because they would have thought we were pulling a joke on them until they too saw the creature.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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