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DATE:    May 1996

12:00 AM

LOCATION:   Prentiss County, Mississippi  

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

I was walking from a friends house on a gravel road. When I passed the woods on the left and pasture on the right, as I walked I began hearing limbs breaking like something tearing through the trees toward me. I began to run home. I never thought about what it could be, I thought I was only one heard it but some more people in the area said they experienced the same thing. We heard these sounds for about 2 years and then they stopped. 19 years have passed I went to church Sunday come home and watched a big foot program on tv and discovered one threats of big foot is the sound of big limbs being broken. This reminded me of what happened in 1996. January 2015 I was hunting in my deer stand in the same area. I was using my deer call been calling for about an hour, and then I heard a big tree limb hit the ground followed by a big growl. My stand is on a rigde overlooking a section of pine trees and on other side of pines is hardwood. In the hardwoods is where I heard the growl. The distance from my stand is about 200 yards in front of me. It scared me making the hair stand up on my neck, I didn't call again for 30 minutes. I called couple more times no response from deer so I left. Last weekend of deer season temperature 14 degrees I entered the same stand using my deer call for about 30 minutes. In the same area I heard something cross a fence and crushing ice on the ground walking toward me. As a hunter for 20 years the sound was a lot heavier than a deer. It was coming toward me but moving to the left to try to walk around me. I couldn't see it because of the dense pines in front. It came so far then stopped. In February 2015 while squirrel hunting in the hardwoods I heard a comotion I saw limbs that was criss crossed far up in trees. I wondered how they got that way. These patterns I have seen on big foot programs. After seeing this I felt uncomfortable and left the woods.

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   I was hunting


Description of Creature:  I didn't see anything

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