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Reported by: Confidential

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DATE:    June 18, 1948

TIME:     11:00 pm

LOCATION:   Franklin County, North Carolina

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    My great grandfather was an avid hunter along with my grandfather. My grandfather would bring his sisters along for the hunt and train them. My great grandfather was noted for having some of the best hunting dogs in the area.

One evening while they were all hunting together, please keep in mind that they hunted all of their lives. Also, please take note
that these were blacks that were hunting for sport as well as for food needed to make it through the winter.

They raised cows, pigs, chickens, mules and horses.  They grew their own vegetables and tobacco, that they lived completely off of and they would go into the woods to the creeks and fish for catfish. I was even told that if you knew where the fish were, you could cheat and keep  throwing dirt into the water. Which would bring the fish to the top and you could grab them.

Once again while they were out hunting on this particular night, the dogs picked up a sent and started barking and pursuing it. They followed the trail for a while until they cornered this thing. They did not have flashlights back then so they used lanterns. As they raised their lanterns to see what it was, they said that it was something they had never seen before. The dogs were barking at it but never attacked or charged, great grandpa shot at it. Well that is when everything changed for them concerning hunting. I was told that this thing let out a scream that none had ever heard before or since. It was not a panther, bear or anything that they were familiar with in the woods. The screams were like that of a woman screaming and a baby crying at the same time. Extremely loud and the dogs took off running and everyone else followed. It was so terrifying that they all never went hunting at night again, ever.

Activities of Witness:   Tracking something that the dogs picked up on.

Description of Creature:  Very black and tall

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no further information to add to this report.

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