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DATE:    9/2010

Around Midnight

LOCATION:   Randolph County, North Carolina  

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

Let me start off by saying I am not Sure WHAT we saw and heard. We were remote camping for the weekend. We went Saturday through Monday. The incident took place Sunday night, and we were the only hikers on the mountain. It was myself, a friend of mine that's a NC historian and survivalist, and my best friend who s a try NC country survivalist as well. I am a survivalist and a military vet. My son was along, who was 10 at the time. As evening got late that night, my historian friend and I decided to hike toward the top of the mountain, to try and get cell signal and get one last message out to our wives and families. We hiked a good half mile up to the top of the mountain, to a location where the trail opened up and flatten. It was a beautiful night, no clouds, millions of stars. The trail was lined with large trees on either side. I got a text message out, and had a brief text chat w my wife. My friend called his wife, and spoke for a moment. I put my phone in my cargo pocket and began to enjoy the sky, wind, and watch the stars. I glanced up the trail. That's when I noticed... I couldn't see the stars through the trees at the end of the trail, where I could just moments before. I froze and stared, and let my eyes adjust. There was a figure. 8-9ft tall. I could clearly make out shoulders and a head. I reached out and grabbed my buddy's arm, and turned him as he spoke on the phone. DO YOU SEE THAT?? I whispered. He froze. YES I SEE IT. WHAT THE F6CK IS THAT? he whispered back. His wife asked what's wrong. He said I GOTTA GO BABY. LOVE YA. and hung up. He dropped his phone in his pocket. I looked at him and said DUDE, WHAT IS IT? We both looked up and it was gone. They trail was clear. I'm getting goosebumps typing this guys. I turned and said let's get out of here. We both began to walk briskly down the mountain. We went maybe 100 yards when we heard a loud SCREAMING sound. It was a cross between a scream and a howl, maybe 30 ft off to our left. We Kew the area, and knew there was nothing off in that direction but a deep ravine. We both began to run. We got back to camp, looking crazy. My other buddy that had stayed with my son, asked what was wrong. We told him the story, and about the noise. My 10 year old then said THEY HEARD THE NOISE, and thought it was us messing around. We were all instantly freaked and could not explain anything that just happened. That night We heard some sticks and twigs breaking while half asleep in our tents. We awoke and scouted around. We found large rotten branches broken, like they had been stepped on, that were not broken the night before. Let me say that we were 6 miles from the nearest access, and the only people out there. Couple months later we started hearing reports of Bigfoot sightings in the same area. We told the story whenever we got the chance, but NEVER used the term Bigfoot. We didn't know what it was.

Additional Things:
Large bipedal figure. Approx 8~9 ft tall. Loud howling/screaming.

Activities of Witness:
hiking up the mountain about midnight to gain cell signal.

Description of Creature:  Large dark silhouette 8~9ft tall, solid. Wide enough to block entire trail.

Other Notes:    I have done some of my own research. I looked at reporting patterns, and noticed reports around the Uhwarrie Forest stopped a year or two ago, but have increased further west towards Linville Falls area and Blue Ridge Mountains. Seems to me if there is something, it has begun leaving the Uhwarrie area and migrating westward.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:
no. We have hiked and camped the entire Uwharries, always listening and keeping an eye, but have never seen or heard anything else.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments N/A

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