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DATE: 11/19/99

TIME:    4:00 AM

LOCATION:   Dutchess or Putnam County, New York,
12 miles east of the Hudson River

TERRAIN: Wooded lowlands with small mountains to the south

OBSERVED:    A large upright hairy figure about 7ft in height ran accross the interstate and over the enbankment on the eastbound side of I84.

At leats 3 other drivers saw it from the east and westbound side as there was a bit of comotion on the CB after it happened. It seamed to have long hair not fur and looked to be solid in build with somewhat erratic moves as the lights of my rig hit it just before the shoulder of the highway. Traffic was very light with mainly long haul trucks in the area. I did hear a few what the hell was that thing shouted over the CB by more the one trucker.

Description of Creature:    Large upright hairy figure about 7ft in height, long hair, solid build.

Activities of Witness:    Hauling a load from a quarry to a job site.

Other Notes:    I was hauling a load from a local quarry to a job site in the Mount Kisco area of Westchester County, NY. I beleive I was still in Dutchess County but Possably it was Putnam County. I was heading east bound on I84 to I684 south.

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