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DATE:    1995-96

TIME:     11:00 PM

LOCATION:   Orleans County, New York

TERRAIN:    Woods, swamps, fields, dense evergreens

OBSERVED:    The year was 1995 or 1996 not sure of the exact date but it was during coon hunting season me an my hunting buddy went out coon hunting at around 11 pm we had  portable spotlights an 22 caliber long rifles with us. as we got to where we started hunting an shining the tree tops we heard something that neither of us have ever heard in the woods an we have heard numerous animals lynx, bobcat, deer, anything that makes noise in this part of the woods we can identify it.the noise we heard was some sort of scream but to loud to be a human. we both looked at each other the first time we heard it. it was about 75 or 100 yards away we could hear it crashing brush an screaming an within about 10 seconds it was around 300 yrds away we are not certain if there was more than one. i wanted to investigate what it was but my buddy wanted to go back to the truck. i decided that was the best idea cause whatever it was was to big for our 22's back at the truck we talked about what we heard that night

Activities of Witness:   just a normal evening we decided to go out an try for some coons. no alcohol or drugs involved

Description of Creature:  the closest thing i've heard to this animal is supposed bigfoot screams on the internet. i've hunted around this same area sense an have had no other experiences

Other Notes:    a few years prior to my experience my brother claimed to have seen something in the same area on the main trail. he said as he was walking (looking down) he looked up an there was a thing covered all in fur with a red tint about as tall as him. it stopped looked at him made a weird grunting noise an continued across the trail i didn't believe him until a few years later when i heard that awful scream there are two other reports on the xxxx both very close to this same area one is in 1992 i believe an the other is near albion which is more recent due to the construction in the stone quarry i believe whatever it was maybe has moved in that direction in search of better hunting ground

me an my hunting partner have came to the conclusion that if this was a human screaming he would have to have lungs the size of a horse an have the ability to move thru very thick brush at a incredible speed there aren't bears around here so that's ruled out wasn't like a lynx or bobcat scream, it was deeper more tone i believe this thing didn't want us in the area or was communicating with another

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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