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Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site OnApril 2, 2005

DATE:    June 1978

TIME:     Afternoon

LOCATION:   Clermont County, Ohio ,

TERRAIN:    Between the woods on the hill, and the river.

OBSERVED:    My children were picking strawberries in my patch behind our house. The patch was only about fifteen or twenty feet out the back door. The strawberry patch was contained in cross ties which butted with a fence. Directly on the other side of the fence was parked our van.

I had every kind of fruit you can imagine planted plus fruit trees so the kids were always gathering something good to eat.  This particular afternoon these children were raiding the strawberries. I was in the house but ran out when I heard terrible screaming coming from outside. It was absolutely horrible how they were screaming and I was scared to death one of them was hurt very badly. When I got out there...the neighbor boy was passed out cold on the ground. I thought he was dead...he looked like it. The kids were still hysterical and pointing up the wooded fence line that led to the woods on top of the hill above us. I could hear trees crashing like a bulldozer was going up that hill but it was very fast. I had been hearing it all summer but didn't have any idea what it was but it did really make me uneasy. I felt like something was watching me every time I hung up the laundry out back and when I would look towards the barn, I could hear that crashing sound running away. I knew that

When they calmed down enough to talk...they told about the big hairy "man"; that stood up from behind the van. My daughter was the oldest (11) and she said she saw him looking at them through the side window of the van. She told me he stood up and was way higher than the top of the son said he could see his chest really good so he was tall all right! They told me he stood up when my daughter saw him and started screaming.  They all started screaming when he did. They said he looked towards the door where I would be coming out in a few seconds and then he took off behind the barn and up that tree line. He was gone in a flash.

We heard screams and howls in the woods all that summer at night. I wouldn't let my kids out of the yard after that at all.  Of course...they weren't really all that interested in leaving.

Activities of Witness:   Seven children playing in my yard. They were just playing and decided to eat some strawberries.

Description of Creature:  Very tall with long brown hair hanging all over the body. Very large body. Very dark eyes.

Other Notes:    The folks in the community were talking that summer about what was going on. It wasn't just us at all. My daughters friend, that lived on the river at the time, watched four or five "monsters", get out of the water and walked up into the woods. It scared the poor girl to death. 

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report other than to confirm it was a legitimate report.

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