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DATE:     January 2002



TERRAIN:     Wooded

OBSERVED:    My name is XXX X.  I am from XXXX Ohio and I am sending photographs of tracks that were very unusual.  As you can see by the pictures, the footprints were found in Eastern Ohio.  The tracks are unusual because the prints are obviously bi-pedal and obviously in a very straight line.  The footprints are as if this thing was walking an imaginery "tight-rope".  I followed these tracks for about 400 yards until they went into the woods and could no longer be seen.  I have been in this area many times before and have seen many tree snaps and skeletal remains of different animals.  (I.E. Dogs or a farmer's sheep.)  In one of the pictures it looks as if there are smaller tracks next to the larger ones, then the smaller prints are no longer seen.  I guess this was due to the infant being picked up by the larger on.  I am quite certain this was a Bigfoot.  I cannot think of anything that is bi-pedal and walks like it is on a tight rope.  Though the tracks are not clear, you can still see the general shape (a shape that resembles a wide foot.)  I do not want to disclose the exact location this took place.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):    Taking pictures and hiking.



FOLLOW UPS:      I received your message. I read your statement. I understood
your statement about false. My answer is TRUTH. I may request you if you will
please to add my story in your GCBRO. I will appreciate it if you do.

Thank you a very much.


Photographs of the Tracks in the Snow


©All Photographs Copyright by Eyewitness

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