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DATE:    March 4, 1982 

TIME:     Early evening 

LOCATION:   Medina County, Ohio 

TERRAIN:    Thick woods in all directions - now the area is developed but just 15 years ago it was all farm land, woods and fields.

OBSERVED:    I was hunting with my older brothers; I was 11 at the time and I remember this day clearly for many reasons. I was only allowed to carry a b.b. gun because in my family we can't own actual firearms until age 12 and I was upset. My brothers were ahead of me maybe a mile or two north of state route 94/route 18 intersection when they came running in my direction, screaming for me to run back to the car. Behind them I saw a smallish creature peeking its head out of the woods. The animal looked like a baboon or monkey from the maybe half mile distance I was at. I heard no noise at all other than my brothers, and remembered thinking a zoo was in town. 

Activities of Witness:   Hunting 

Description of Creature:  I was looking directly at what appeared to be a stocky monkey. That's the best way I can put it. I remember wanting to laugh, and being confused by the fear my brothers were showing. 

Other Notes:    My brothers told me to shut up about it - about the whole event. They had been in a lot of trouble for stealing beer and drinking under age, and they were worried telling our tale would make them sound like they were out drinking while hunting - a big no-no in our family.

I was too young to think of going home and checking papers to see if an animal had escaped or a zoo was nearby. My gut tells me I saw a creature yet to be identified by humans....

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    I've heard of big foot sightings in the area years back, but just talk, no real proof other than my own experience. 

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