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DATE:    April 26, 2002

TIME:     8:30 pm

LOCATION:   Haskell County, Oklahoma

TERRAIN:    Rocky Terrain

OBSERVED:    My mom and I were riding a four-wheeler when we stopped in a rock quarry to talk . A few minutes went by when we started to hear something coming towards us in the woods. I paid no attention to it at first. but it started to get a little close. So I picked up a rock and threw it towards the animal in the brush. It was walking through some pretty thick stuff so we could not see it yet. I screamed out to it to see if it was a man out there. Soon we started seeing the brush moving that's when i knew the animal was walking on two feet b/c the brush was moving at about 7 feet tall. Its figure started to get clearer. It had a build of a large man, and it was pretty dark looking. The animal never stopped coming towards us we looked at it for about 30 seconds before we got out of there on the four-wheeler we were both pretty scared. The only thing is the animal was walking on two feet for about 50 feet at least, and it didn't wobble when it walked.

Activities of Witness:   Riding a four-wheelers

Description of Creature:  The creature was tall and heavy set looking couldn't see if it had hair all over its body or not but i would bet it did

Other Notes:    My mom and I heard it coming and seen figure of a animal that could of been one of three things. A man, a bear, or a bigfoot.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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