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DATE:    6/12/1979 

TIME:     Mostly dusk to dark

LOCATION:   Mayes County, Oklahoma

TERRAIN:    Alot of the trees have been cut down on that particular piece of land but back the it was pretty thick woods. Also there is alot of water and creeks and stuff in that area

OBSERVED:    Well first let me say that this was years ago and i was just a little girl then. There was more than one experience back then also.  My daddy worked for the man who had owned that rock quarry and they had hit an underground water way that flooded the quarry so they had moved the quarry to a different place and we had later moved on the land to keep swimmers and stuff away, so they wouldn't get sued or something if someone drowned or something.  I remember just a few things, like for instance my daddy running out the door with a shotgun at dinner one time.  I didn't see anything then so i'll just tell about what i did see back than.  Every once in a while we would come across footprints one foot only had three toes strangely enough.  But as for actual sightings i never really got a good look only glimpses that seem to change in color with the seasons.  For instance in the winter it would be whiter and kind of a brown bark color in the summer.  My most frightening memory was a doozy but true and here it is.  It was summer at night and i have no idea how late but everyone was asleep.  Because my older sister and her husband had stayed the night, me and my other sister and my nephew who is closer to my age than my older sister, slept on the floor on the living room.  We lived in a trailer and our windows were the kind that slide open side ways.  Well we had an air conditioner unit in the window on the west side of the living room we had a black plastic trash bag taped over the top because the window was longer than the air conditioner.  Anyways i was asleep on the floor beside my sister and nephew when i woke up and was scared for some reason.  That was when i heard the plastic over the ac move so i looked up and i seen these yellow eyes they were huge!  There was these cone shaped claws or nails that was pulling the the plastic back like between a thumb and for finger. I was terrified! Then i noticed a sound in the room behind me i had thought there was one in the house with me at first i was to scared to look away at the one peeking in the window though.  Then suddenly something behind me flew towards the window.  It was my daddy's boot!  My sister Donna had come to check on the noises that she had heard.  She had heard something very large hit the top of the trailer and she had come to investgate.  Anyways she had seen it to, and so did my nephew and my other sister.  When she threw the boot you could here it jump off of our trailer and it screeched. the next morning we had to go out and look for my daddy's boot and we found a piglet that had to of come from one of the neighbors farms. It was slit strait down the middle and insides were gone but everything else was intact.  Strange as this story is it's one that i probably would have never told but i had watched that bigfootville on the Discovery channel recently and all around here was being covered and the clincher was the mention of the three toed prints that others had seen, how creepy i felt when i heard that, you just could never know.. 

Activities of Witness:   N/A

Description of Creature:  Sometimes the creature was white if it was winter other times it was darker like it could blend in with its environment, it was huge, how huge i couldn't guess because i was so young.  It was darned fast and it could imitate sounds.  It used to screech like a pig and we would find large pigs around our land that had been carried over from the neighboring farms.  Again it was fast and stealthy, so i never really got more than a glimpse.  Other family members had but i can only speak for myself.

Other Notes:    We lived in a very rural part there was trees everywhere around our house and farms that lost livestock alot.  Also we had a mare that was with colt .We never even got to see the colt because something had got it and the mare became so wild after that that we had to sell her.
There were many family members who had seen and experienced things back then. Sometimes several of us at a time would encounter it at the same time. Adults and us kids alike.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    N/A

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