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DATE:    November 2002 

TIME:     Sunrise 

LOCATION:   Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 

TERRAIN:    Hardwoods, Hillside with a Creek Bottom at base of the hill, on top of ridge new construction of houses. 

OBSERVED:    I arrived in my tree stand at approximately 430 am about an hour before sunrise. I was in a ten foot ladder stand in an apple tree about a quarter of the way up the hillside just off the old quad trail which ran up the hillside to the top. The first odd thing that I noticed was the silence. I wasn't hearing the typical sounds of the night/early morning. I dismissed this quickly as me moving into my stand must have made more noise than I thought. As I sat there I heard behind me and too my left what sounded like a log being hit off a tree but again I dismissed it in my mind as something at the construction site. As the sun began to peak over the ridge top I heard something moving across the top of the hill. As an avid outdoorsman for my entire life I realized the noise was bipedal walking and at this point in time became extremely p.o'd that someone was trespassing on our private hunting land. As I saw the what I thought was a man come into site out of a grapevine thicket I noticed how big the "man" was. I looked at him through my binos and realized what I was truly looking at! I estimated this bigfoot to be 7'5" and at least 650 lbs. I could tell some very definitive muscle tone through the binos and also the creature had black maybe dark brown hair. The creature did not turn to look at me so I never sow its facial features. As I lowered my binos the creature must have noticed movement as he began to speed up and within seconds he was g one from my site. I haven't told this story to anyone but my girlfriend for fear of being ridiculed.

Activities of Witness:   I was waiting on sun up while deer hunting. 

Description of Creature:  7'5" tall 650 lbs. Short dark hair. Muscular.

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    The lady who lived on the land said on many occasions that she heard "hyena's laughing" and making a terrible ruckus on the hillside behind the house. Also my father accused me of throwing rocks at him from in the woods while he was cutting firewood one summer even though I wasn't. I have heard a scream once while out spotting late one night. Several sightings in XXXX across the river.

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