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DATE: 08/12/00

TIME:  about 2:30

LOCATION:  Chester, Pennysylvania, Delaware County

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:    In Chester, PA we have a story about a very ugly ape called the JOSH APE. Its a very old story my aunt and uncle told me when I was very young. We live in a small town with a lot of lakes and swamps. Hes called the Josh Ape because hes named after an ugly boy named Josh that he was orignally, before he turned into the Josh Ape. He was a very dorky, lonely boy with no friends. So he ran into the woods and became an ape. Hes lived here for hundreds of years. Its said he travels through the swamps and lakes and eats small mammals. We were out in a canoe and saw him standing on the side of the lake in the woods. He was VERY ugly and stared at us for a very long time. He was covered in brownish reddish fur and about 7 feet tall. We did not have a camera or we would have taken his picture. He scared us quite alot, we thought he would attack us.  He didnt make any noise just stood there, then ran off into the trees. Thats the only time I saw him.

Description of Creature: 7 foot tall, reddish/brownish fur, very ugly in appearance

Activities of Witness: On the Lake Canoeing

Other Notes:    Many, many people have seen him in this area. Its been reported for hundreds of years.

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