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DATE:    July 2001

TIME:     2:30 pm

LOCATION:   Clarion County, Pennsylvania

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    I was mountain biking behind my house in the woods of our property with my (then) 4 year old yellow lab, Zoe.  As I was riding to the top of a narrow wooded trail that was quite steep, my dog energetically passed me and ran to the top of the hill.  I neared the crest and noticed that she was stopped, staring to her left and all the hair was standing up on her neck.  She would normally
charge after anything that she would see in the woods (this is before she got fat and lazy in the intervening years) but she was only standing there.  As I pedaled up beside her, I turned and looked left to see what she saw.  At the same time, I stood up off of my seat and made a loud sigh at being exhausted from the climb.  In doing, I startled a large, gray and brown creature that was resting against a tree about 50 yards away from me on the far side of a turn that led back down the hill that I had just climbed.  (This spot also contains a natural spring outlet, so perhaps it was drinking there?)  The creature turned and began loudly, and confidently, jogging through the woods away from myself and my dog, and my dog did not follow it.  She stayed strictly by my side and only sniffed the tree as we went past it with her tail between her legs before running back to me again.  This is entirely out of character for her.  As I pedaled along the trail beside where the creature was running in the woods, the sound of loud, rustling footsteps could be heard for many minutes.  I wasn't afraid of any harm coming to me, as the creature displayed no malicious intent.  I was certainly terrified of the eerie atmosphere
that I seemed to have stumbled into, though and hurried back home on the rest of my bike circuit.

Activities of Witness:   mountain biking

Description of Creature:  At least six feet tall, standing bipedal and leaning against a tree.  Seemed to be resting or waiting.  Was colored a mottled gray and brown similar to salt and pepper hair.  Overall, the creature was rather blob shaped, with little definition other than the four limbs.  Walked hurriedly and bipedally away into the woods, with much confidence of the terrain.

Other Notes:    In the 70s, my uncle is said to have encountered a bigfoot behind his mother's house, about a half mile away from this
area and in an adjoining woods.  He never speaks of the details of this encounter and is still frightened enough to not venture into the woods there.

This year, not too distant neighbors have reported seeing a gray-brown creature crouching in their yards and fields behind their homes that then quickly vanish.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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