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DATE:    1969 ?  

TIME:     Evening hours 

LOCATION:   Clearfield County, Pennsylvania 

TERRAIN:    Rural area surrounded by forests.  

OBSERVED:    My father, uncles and grandfather chased something around one summer/fall in the late 60's  It was never seen, but was heard and smelled on many occasions.  It would start with either a scream, described as starting off like a woman screaming and then going to a more cougar sounding scream and ending up as a real deep growl/roar, (all with one breath and lasting for several seconds), and then it would violently shake a tree.  (The trees were usually apple or pear trees in someone's back yard.)  Then they would notice the smell.  They described it as a sickening sweet skunk/sulpher smell.  The aforementioned men would grab lights and guns and chase after the source of the noise but never caught up with it.

Activities of Witness:   Witnesses were either relaxing at home, sleeping, or working outside in a garage after dark when they would hear or smell something.  

Description of Creature:  None observed

Other Notes:    It was also said that the local dogs would not chase this thing.  Usually they would hide under a porch or car and refuse to come out.  One other gentleman attempted to get his hunting dogs to track it, but they refused to leave the barn, and when he would throw one out and go back to get another one the first one would sneak back in and hide under something.

Our family had two pet dogs that spent a lot of time roaming the neighborhood and woods prior to this.  One morning while this was going on we found one of the dogs nearly dead and it looked as though it had been in a serious fight with something unknown.  It died before noon that day.  Within a week of that the other dog ran off and took up residence with a family in a more populated village about a mile away and stayed there for the rest of it's life. 

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