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DATE:    08/11/11  

TIME:     12:30 A.M.  

LOCATION:   Forest County, Pennsylvania  

TERRAIN:    Mountains  

OBSERVED:    At a young age I took an interest in Bigfoot. Ever since I have been trying to find the creature himself and up until very recently I had absolutely no luck. My family owns a camp in xxxxx, Pa. It has it's fair share of wilderness and forests. I figured since I hadn't had any luck around my house I would try up there because it is has far more woods. One weekend over the summer we (brother, dad, and I) went up to camp and set out on our mission. We decided to try a place called xxxxxxx first. It is one of the spookiest areas to be in up there. At night it's crazy! We stopped the car and got out and I did my vocalizations just like every other night I've went squatching and we didn't get anything back. We continued along and tried about 5 or 6 more spots. Still no luck...We were just about to throw in the towel in frustration before we saw this big drop off. It looked like a place where we could get sound to carry out very far. At this point, we we're pretty far back into this wilderness. Miles and Miles from the nearest campsite. Motivated to try one more time I got out of the car and produced my call. Nearly immediately after I finished a response came back at us. It sounded so identical to the sound I made we weren't really sure if it was just an echo. I called again. This time there was about a 10 second pause in between before we received a response. In this response the sound was alot louder and it sounded alot less human like. At this point I knew there was an animal out there and it was responding to my calls. We got in the car and drove back to where we thought it was coming from and called. It was like everything just shut up, no more responses. So we headed out to go to another road. A road that parallels xxxxxx. It is called Logging Road #xx. Once again we were skunked at about our first 5 stopping points. However, once we got to a point fairly deep in, about nearly as far in as what we figured to be equal with how far we went in on xxxxxxx, the action started up again! This time it was just one LOUD response. It couldn't have been more than a quarter mile away and then it set off a pack of coyotes who didn't want to quit howling so we decided to call it a night. The next night we went to another very spooky place called xxxxxxx. It's the highest point in the county. The road was blocked off so we tried some calls on our descent back down. At our second stop, I called and it only took a few seconds before we got some very loud distinct wood knocks! It was absolutely unnerving. We were forever away from the nearest civilization and in the middle of this pitch black silence something was just going HAM with wood knocks. It sounded PO'd by the rapid type knocks it was making so we got out of there. I truly don't know to this day what happened that weekend or why I actually had luck for once. Obviously, there was no visual observation of anything. What I do know is for once I didn't get skunked while squatching and the things we heard seem to match up with many many other encounters in the world. It has only drove my interest in the subject to a whole new level and I do plan to get up there to camp a lot more this summer. Do I think we were dealing with a squatch? Very Possible

Also; at xxxxxxx my brother got the same thing to respond to one of his calls to. 

Additional Info:    Brother and dad found some big indentations in the ground near the creek bed the next day. Didn't really have any distinct shape, but something big had been through that area.
Activities of Witness:    Producing calls (Crescendo Type Whoop & Moan/Howl),
We also Call Blasted with a recording we made out of other bigfoot sounds but it didn't produce very good results.

Description of Creature:  No visual observation

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    None that we are aware of

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments N/A

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