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DATE:    October 2002

TIME:     8:00 am

LOCATION:   Fulton County, Pennsylvania

TERRAIN:    Mountains, Trees ever greens tall trees Rock boulders, Pines

OBSERVED:    It was october about 8 am.  My wife XXXXX and myself were looking forward to a hike in the woods, we were camping in a Cabin, in an undisclosed location. We got up and went out for a walk headed towards the trail that led up the mountainside, it was around 8 am, there was a little breeze, clear blue sky, cold crisp morning around 30 degrees. Off we go onto the trail, I had with me at the time a super vhs camcorder JVC. I carry it with me to film animals, we were into the walk about 100 yards when we saw 3 deer feeding, as they normally do, so I started filming the deer, everything was fine but suddenly the deer ran off in a hell of a hurry, then the birds in the trees scattered and in every direction, Kathy and I heard running, you know a frantic running as if being chased by an animal in fear for its life, then we heard growls, in the woods, hard to describe but here goes it was like "ra ra raaaa" pause "ra ra raaaaa" pause "raa raa raaaa" pause, this went on for about minute or so, I would say there was between 8 and twelve groups of these yells/growls.  We tried to look through the trees to see what was making the growls, but there was to much foliage on the trees and to much thick mountain growth to see, so I held my vhs camcorder in the air and recorded the sounds, I recorded them on low volume, so to hear them you have to turn the sound all the way up and hold it to your ear, but back to the story the growls stopped, and we were petrified and unsure what this was about, but it was as if the creature making the sounds was taunting us, we were standing in that spot for about 5 minutes, talking and startled of what we just heard. I have been in the woods for 42 years, and never have heard anything like these sounds before, it wasn't a bear or wolf or coyote or anything that of sounds that we were familiar with, so after standing there we decided to continue the hike up the mountain, not knowing what to expect. but after 5 minutes and 200 yards later we were relaxed and thought that everything was back to quiet and normal, XXXXX was walking approximately 10 feet in front of me at the time, I was looking to my right when all of a sudden I hear a loud Thud the sound was like if someone took sledge hammer and hit a huge hollow rock, by the time I heard the sound I looked to my left, all I saw was the bush move about eight feet or so to my left and on the side of the mountain, XXXXX was looking in the direction of the sound, she saw the hindquarter of a muscular dark in color hind quarters of the creature, it had pushed off of a boulder and cleared the mountainside in a heartbeat, The boulder that it pushed off of must have weighed 2000 lbs, it was round in shape sitting on a huge flat rocks, anyone in Pa knows what Im talking about, the creature by pushing off of the round boulder made it flip flop and that was the thug that I heard, at a guess, the creature would have had to weigh 800 or better to move a 2000 lb boulder of that size. After the incident we were shook up and decided to go back to the cabin,
We haven't said anything till now, you know that no one would believe us anyway, so I thought I would share this story now that I have found this site, I know that this is very real and that I will never forget this as long as I live.

Activities of Witness:   Out for a hike

Description of Creature:  Dark in color, muscular hind quarters very big in size

Other Notes:    Went back to the spot 2 months ago and found some barefoot tracks in the snow.  Approximately a size 12 or 13. Melting snow altered the tracks. Hard to say for sure.  Below is the picture.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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