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Reported by: Confidential

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DATE:    Summer 2000

TIME:     1:30am

LOCATION:   Pennsylvania, Schuylkill County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    I remember as if it was yesterday. It was in the summer months and I took my atv out to a bush party near my hometown. I gave a girl a ride home with me and stopped about half way home. I told her we ran out gas (I was just trying to scare her). A short time period after we stopped we heard a screaming cry that sounded of almost a female being brutally murdered. It put chills through my body. The sound seemed as if it were around 75 yards away. The scary part is it didn't stop it got closer and then closer and closer until it was of no less than 40 feet away. At that time enough was enough I am an avid hunter and know not one animal that sounds like that. The sounds or cries of this thing were the same and in continuos repetition as it came towards us. I started my quad and pinned the throttle the entire ride home. This thing scared the daylights out of me. The sounds were so unreal and to be reproduced would take a miracle.  I'm not saying it was a bigfoot but whatever it was, I don't think anyone would want to confront it.

Activities of Witness:   Riding ATV

Description of Creature:  N/A

Other Notes:    I was talking to my friend XXXX the one time and he started telling me how the one time he was walking home from a party through the bush and he heard something really weird. He went on to tell me how he thought it sounded like someone being raped. XXXX is no small man he's about 230 lb.. and very stocky and he told me it scared the hell out of him. At that time I asked him if he heard it down by this puddle that's located at the base between two hills. He replied "yeah, right by the pines" and right then I knew he encountered the same sound I have at the very same spot. I went on to tell him about my incident.  I was just getting chills throughout my whole body. Whatever is there or was there is just deathly scary to hear.

Actually I guess I should mention XXXX and I have heard something of that nature while on his back porch about a year later. His home sits about a half mile from where the location we heard that animal/creature. This time it was as if this animal was in pain. The woods are within 50 feet of his back porch and the first time we heard it, it had to be within 100 feet of his house and talk about putting chills through you. This thing started down through a hollow and could be heard as it must of been running, because within about 30 to 45 seconds it was a good quarter mile away in the bush. We continued hearing it until it traveled to far to be heard. The sounds of this thing reminded me of a bear/dog/coyote/mountain lion all in one and in some sort of pain. This thing was nothing we have ever heard or probably will ever hear again. It just makes you think what's really out there.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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