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DATE:    09/23/2011  

TIME:      8:30 p.m.  

LOCATION:   York County, Pennsylvania  

TERRAIN:    Hilly farmlands, creek, nature trail, a few homes.  

OBSERVED:    I was driving home from visiting my sister in Seven Valleys, just after nightfall.  I do not like to drive after dark due to all the deer activity in this area, but I'd gotten a late start home.  It was dark enough that I couldn't see much past the high-beams of my car.  I'd driven up a hill that had a turn to the left as you came down the opposite side.  Because I've had deer pop out at me at the top of this hill, I was only driving approximately 35 mph.  As I neared the bottom, I observed what I initially thought to be a bright orange "ball" being dropped, then bouncing down the field of next hill I would pass on my passenger side.  I immediately realized this was no child's "ball" because the "bounce" was wrong - too far apart between bounces, and the "ball" seemed to be lighted from within - glowing.  There was a stretch of 4 or 5 homes at the bottom of that hill, but I couldn't imagine kids bouncing a ball in a field at the top of a hill in the cold and dark.  By now I was telling myself to pay attention to as much detail as I could, because I'd never seen anything like THIS before.  Consequently, I started slowing down even more in order to better observe what I was seeing.  It got to the bottom and at the utility pole there at the top of a 3-5' bank, it started to rapidly swing back and forth, sometimes showing 2 "balls."  By this time my eyes were having trouble following it's movements due to how fast it was happening, and I thought, "O great!  Now I'm seeing those lights that they see in the fields in England!"  It disappeared, only to reappear in the air high above where I'd last seen it, again sometimes showing 2 "balls".  Then it remained motionless for a split-second,  long enough for me to see that it was a true, deep orange color with a bit of yellow interspersed throughout, giving off a faint phosphorescent glow.  At this point, I became aware of an oncoming car, but immediately looked back at the "ball", only for it to disappear, reappearing at the approximate center of the road, disappearing again, then finally reappearing approximately 1 1/2' above the corn, 3' into a corn field that was planted there.  I had, by this time, partially opened my window and although I tried to turn my head to get a better look at this thing, I no longer could see it and had to keep my eye on the road due to passing the oncoming car.  At NO time did it ever enter the range of my headlights, nor the headlights of the oncoming car.  When it was at the center point of the road, I purposely looked for an outline of a body, or tail, but could see nothing.  When it was it the corn field, I did however, get an impression of a side view of rather large, flatfish facial area.

Additional Info: I believe that I saw an unknown animal drop to all fours and run down that hill in an effort to cross that road ahead of me!  It stopped to briefly shake the sweat from its eyes, was aware of the oncoming car, and stood upright to better ascertain the speed and position of both cars in relation to itself.  I firmly believe it CALCULATED the speed and time it needed to cross the 2 lanes, jumped off the bank to the middle of the road in 1 leap, and landed 3' into the cornfield with it's next leap, then immediately stood upright with it's back to the road in order to locate each car's position.  I got the impression that it's head was slightly turned in my direction, as I was the nearest car.  Let me assure you that I gave this animal's behavior quite a bit of thought in an effort to understand what I'd seen.  Some would say it could have been a bear.  However, we do not typically have bear in York County.  Every few years we get a report, usually in the spring, of a yearling male passing through.  This was fall.  Bear do stand briefly upright, but their eye shine is red, small, and close together - NOT orange, glowing, and the size of a roadside reflector!  Through process of elimination, I believe I saw a sasquatch.  
Activities of Witness:    Driving Home, I had been visiting my sister.

Description of Creature:  The only thing I saw with certainty was what I believe to be the eyes of an unknown animal.

Other Notes:    This is the LAST location that I'd ever expect to observe a sasquatch due to the population of this county, BUT we are very rural in this area.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Yes, although nothing that I observed.  There have been a few past reports in various other county locations, but none that I am aware of locally.  We are located near the Maryland state line, and there have been sightings there as well. 

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the Witness added:  It has taken me awhile to file the report simply because I was so surprised by the event.  Especially since it happened in this area.
I want to state upfront that I'm not sure as to the exact day this happened.  It would have been the last friday in September, because I was going to Potter county  to see the leaves the 1st weekend in October.
I am a 55 year old woman who has hunted & fished Penns woods from a very early age.  I have been all over this state and have seen plenty of bear, deer, elk, and even 1 mountain lion, but never any thing like this.  I'd like to point out that a few days later, I went back to that area and was surprised to find that the corn field was not planted at road level.  There was a 3 - 4'  bank/drop at the edge of the road, so the corn was lower than the road.  I don't know how tall corn grows, exactly, but if it was 6' high, that would put the eyes at a height of at least 7 1/2' from ground level.
There are another 2 occurrences involving myself, and 1 involving my late grandfather here in PA, but in other counties.  I believe that because I've had multiple encounters surely others have, also.  That being true, then there should be many more reports from this state. A

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