Photographs from
Southeast Texas Hot Spot

Posted by Bobby Hamilton, of the Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization


The area in which these were found is not divulged due to constant ongoing Bigfoot activity as well as ongoing
investigation's by the G.C.B.R.O. in the area.  All reports and photographs from this area will be listed as SE Texas
only.  All reports generated from this area will be listed as the same, and can be found on the database table. Instead of
listing the County, it will be listed as the last one in the table for that State and will be titled as CURRENT.
Meaning it's under current investigations.  In order to eliminate would be hoaxers as well as claim jumpers we
have to keep the locations confidential  until all investigationshave been exhausted in the general area.

The below photos were taken and submitted by Chester Moore Jr.
from one of our current areas of investigation in S.E. Texas.
Photo #1

This is a shot of a cast made of a 12-1/2 inch track it was cast in Southeast Texas in May 2000.
The track had four visible toes and dermal ridging.  The front part of the foot showing the toes is
the main basis of this casting since it clearly showed 4 toes.  The rear portion of the foot was not
clearly as visible.  The flashing out to the side by the photographers hand is just that
flashing-overpour or whatever you want to call it.

 Photographed and COPYRIGHTED
by   G.C.B.R.O.© 



Photo #2

Female BF track cast in March 2001. The track was 14 1/2 inches long.

 Photographed and COPYRIGHTED by   G.C.B.R.O.©


Photo #3

The female track before it was cast.

Photographed and COPYRIGHTED
by  G.C.B.R.O.©


Photo #4

Here's a 20 and 17-inch track cast 5-01.  They were cast walking along the edge
of a well used game trail, possibly trying to remain unavoided?

Photographed and COPYRIGHTED
by G.C.B.R.O.©



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