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DATE:            1964

TIME:             12:00 or 1:00 AM

LOCATION:      Campbell County, La Follette, Tennessee

TERRAIN:        Wooded

OBSERVED:  When my mother was 8 years old, she and her family lived in a house in La Follette.  The area wasn't overly populated and was mountainous in some areas with wooded areas close by the house.

Late one night, she was sleeping with her parents because she was frightened or something I can't remember why.  They had a front screen door that they never locked because they felt rather safe in the secluded country and never had any problems anyway.  Often during the nights mom could hear her older brothers coming in late at night so she was never scared when she heard the screen door while in bed.

That night as she lyed between her mother and father, who were sound asleep, she heard the squeaking of the screen door open and slam gently (you know how they do).  She figured it was one of her brothers coming in late as usual.  The floor squeaked in spots when walked on and she could tell that someone was definately in the living room walking around.

In her parents bedroom that was next to the living room she was awake and curious what brother was supposedly in the house, when all of a sudden, while she was looking at the bedroom door that was open, a huge dark object stood in the doorway eclipsing the light behind it.  The object then bent its head down some and entered the room and stood at the foot of the bed where she and her parents lay.

She was terribly scared and could see the creature's eyes glow orange while it stared at her.  She covered her face with the covers for a couple of minutes while kicking her mother to wake but couldn't wake her.

Her heart was beating faster than it ever had when she finally peeked out above the covers only to see the beast was looking even closer at her so she jerked the covers back over her head.

She soon heard the footsteps and looked one last time to watch as the creature walked out the door and out of sight.  And just like before she heard the living room floor squeak in the same spot, the screendoor squeaked, and closed.  She then assumed whatever had came in had finally left!

The next day she told her mother but of course she said she was dreaming or hallucinating.  My mom still to this day says it really happened and I believe her.
I truly believe that a sasquatch was roaming the area that night.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):   Supposed to be sleeping but couldnt, too bad she was awake right?  The creature may have realised that it was a child sleeping with the parents and maybe left quietly for that reason, especially if it was a female Bigfoot.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:    Just a huge dark outline of a tall humanoid like giant with a hairy body and glowing eyes., As a matter of fact,mom told me a story of when she and her younger brother went to the barn in the back of her home.this hapened about a year or two after the house incident,and they heard deep,slow,heavy breathing in the barn.It sounded enormous and they didn't have any horses or cows either!They both listened carefully and mom looked through the cracks but could see nothing,meanwhile the breathing was getting louder so they hauled ass back home.  That could have possibly been one of the creatures.


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