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DATE:    8/29/92

TIME:    12:00 pm

LOCATION:   Tennessee, Cheatham County

TERRAIN:    Wooded, Swampy

OBSERVED:    I walked down the levy to a dry grass area on left, Laying on back,The earth started
vibrating,and heard sound like a stampede on TV.Stood up in grass to look toward sound.I have
deer hunted for fourty years Seen as many as a dozen in a herd.That day I observed fifty maybe
more running through high grass,out in the open.Stampede is the best word to describe.In the
trees along the river bank were three upright brown figures running along side them, driving
them.I was unarmed and with a girl friend,I picked up the picknick basket and told her we were
leaving now,as I pulled her up the train levy behind us,as I went up the hill I could see
other dark figures in the trees growing on the levy,the direction the deer were moving in.We
exited down the tracks to the Jeep right near the old barn.She Kept asking me whats wrong.

It was the most Bucks I had ever seen together,Many full racks at best guess twenty five bucks.The Hooves drowned out all other sounds.

Activities of Witness:   Picnic, had only been there in grass about ten minutes.Sunny day I had just removed my tee shirt,and was looking for the cork screw.She was unwrapping lunch.

Description of Creature:    Upright brown figures running

Other Notes:    At that time just local legends,and rummers.No facts.

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