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Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On:   July 1, 2006

DATE:    May 14, 2006 

TIME:     Sometime past 3 am 

LOCATION:   Cocke County, Tennessee 

TERRAIN:    Mountains 

OBSERVED:    I was going down the road then i looked down to fiddle with my tv/dvd player in my truck then i closed it and seen it walking in the road carrying a dead hound dog by the tail. I threw on my breaks and pulled out my digital cam, in my haste i don't think the lens was open... which was stupid of me. Then after i tried taking a picture i turned on my high beams and seen it, in all of its glory. It looked at me for about 10 seconds then let out a blood curling scream that sent chills all over me. It took off then as soon as i seen it move i threw my ranger into reverse and got the hell out. I also placed a call to the cops but i think they was thinking i was under the influence of something and didn't pay any attention to me. I wasn't a strong believer until now.

Activities of Witness:   It was a usual night for me out cruising and catching some late night food from the waffle house. 

Description of Creature:  6-7 foot. Built like a shit brick house with broad shoulders. It was black and had almost no neck. It had short black hair and almost a human expression till it screamed then it looked like a rabid animal.

Other Notes:    I've also had people tell me about seeing a bigfoot on the lake, The woman that told me that also had a dog go missing.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    N/A

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