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DATE:     10/15/01

TIME:      About 2:00 a.m.

LOCATION:  East Tennessee, Smoky Mountains, County not disclosed

TERRAIN:     Mountains

 I was lost in the Smoky mountain last year. With no food or water and lack of a map and flashlight (reasons disclosed) I made my way to a creek for water to drink. After sipping from the cool waters, I heard the sound of branches breaking under heavy footsteps. When I looked up, their was a large humanoid shape on the opposite side of the creek, cupping water with its hands and slurping. I watched it for at least 5 minutes, after it had it's fill, the creature stood up on two feet and walked away like a man. But it was no man, by the light of the moon, I could see it's dark hairy covering as it left. I sat their trembling after it had vanished into the night. Then I got up, and ran the other way. Long story short, I found a road and was picked up by a local travler and brought back to my car which laid 1 hour away.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Humanoid in shape and size. Hairy with massive shoulders., I went back more than once to find out where i had been(bringing a map and food this time mind you) but could never find the same location, though I did find the creek.

OTHER NOTES: The rushing water of the creek drowned out almost all sound.

OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA:  It wasn't a bear I'll say that much, and I don't know of anyone running around in the middle of nowhere dressed in a hairy suit.

Report submitted by Mary Green

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