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DATE:  December 1996

TIME:  6 - 8 A.M.

LOCATION:   Jamestown, Tennessee, Fentress/Overton County Line

TERRAIN:    Extremely remote and ruggedly wooded.  (Researchers Notes: This area has some of the steepest mountains in middle TN.  Has narrow, winding roads where you can see way, way down in the valleys below.)

OBSERVED:   My dad, cousin, and i were deer hunting one morning. it was real cold and a thick frost was on the leaves, making it easy to hear things in the woods. I heard something walking just on the other side of the ridge from me. It sounded like a human from the rhythym of the footsteps. I figured it was my dad coming to get me and head back to truck. When I stood up I made a little noise in the leaves and the walking stopped. I stood there and the walking eventually started again. it was headed somewhat quartering away down the ridge from me.  When it got directly downwind of my position it made a sort of woofing sound and moaned and stopped walking. it "woofed" a couple of times and then went running straight down the steep backside of the gorge i was sitting near. I am certain it was definately 2- legged just from listening to its footsteps and stride in the iced-over leaves. When my dad picked me up an hour later he didn't have much to say until we were halfway down the mountain.
 I described what I heard and he said he had heard it too. It scared him pretty bad. My cousin had  stayed at the truck until way after daylight that morning and encountered the walking sounds en route to his stand site and promptly returned to the truck and went home. To this day my cousin does not ever hunt on that mountain and my dad and I rarely go there ourselves unless we are in a large group. My dad and I made me sware to not tell because people would think he is lying.(He's a baptist preacher)

Description of Creature:  Heard heavy bipedal walking sounds

Activities of Witness: Deer hunting absolutey no drinking at all

Other Notes:

Other reports from this area?  Just the ones (reports) you have on your site in Overton County

Other Other Notes:  None

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