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DATE:    06/01/58

TIME:     Not sure but mostly at night.

LOCATION:   Henderson County, Tennessee

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    Although I live in Middle Tennessee now, I am originally from West Tennessee.  Our farm borders the Natchez Trace State Park.  All of my life since I was old enough to understand, we would hear what I now realize are vocalizations.  The vocalizations we heard sound identical to vocalizations that I have heard on different programs about bigfoot.  My Dad always thought perhaps we were hearing some sort of cat.  However, the only wild cats in the area are bobcats and I have never heard one sound like what we used to hear.  Now, my parents are deceased and my brother lives in the homeplace.  I visited there this past Christmas, and we heard the vocalizations again.  Also, a couple with a small child reported to the BFRO about a possible sighting and footprints they found.  It was checked out but nothing determined.  However, from what I could find out, they continue to be bothered by something that is bipedal and walks very heavy. Tracks continue to be seen in and around their home, which also borders the park.

My father, in the late sixties, had a scare with what I think was probably a bigfoot.  He was plowing in what we called "the bottom" and had stopped to eat his lunch.  He heard something walking pretty heavily in the woods and saw something that was walking upright and was extremely hairy.  The animal bellowed and the sounds were identical to what we were hearing at night.  He became scared when the animal began to growl quite loudly.  He got back on the tractor and drove home.  I remember him telling my mother about the incident and that what we were hearing vocalize at night was not any kind of cat, but something that was walking upright and was huge.  He also asked her to keep us kids close to the house and watch us at all times we were outside.  A few years later, I-40 was built right through our property and the vocalizations stopped for a while.  Now, they are back and are heard only at night.  The sounds make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and arms.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Vocalizations for years at night.  Footprints and noises.  According to my Dad, it was a huge animal in both height, weight and girth..

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:   My Dad was a farmer.

OTHER NOTES:    People in the area report activity and footprints they found.  Vocalizations are beginning to be heard again. 

HISTORICAL OR NEIGHBORING AREAS:  It occurred for years at night but ceased somewhat when I-40 was built through the area.  The sound of the traffic may have drowned out the sound of any vocalizations.

ADDITIONAL NOTES AND-OR FOLLOW-UP COMMENTS Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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