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DATE:    January 22, 2005 

TIME:     3:00 AM 

LOCATION:   Marshall County, Tennessee 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    I had bought a house as an investment in a subdivision and had actually moved into it in the Summer of 2004.  This area has seen a number of new residential developments since the mid 90's, but the subdivision we were in backed up to dense woods that continued about a half-mile to the river.  In January 2005, we had sold the house and were in the process of moving back to Nashville.  One night around 3:00 a.m., both my wife and I sat up in bed after being awakened by a loud deep scream coming from the woods across the street and possibly a few hundred feet away.  There is a house between ours and the woods, but I know how sound can travel at night void of any other sounds and in cooler weather, and this could not have come from next door.
     A few nights later around 9:00 pm, I was outside finishing packing for our move the next morning.  I had kept a close ear to the woods while outside since the scream a few nights earlier, and I began to hear some dogs bark in the distance in the woods toward the river.  At that point I heard the same scream again, this time much farther in the woods, but very distinct.  I could also make out sounds of distant underbrush rustling as if someone were slowly and calmly walking. The dogs continued to bark for approximately five minutes until the rustling diminished to silence.
     I continued to do research online hoping to find similar experiences from others in the area.  I asked neighbors before we  left if they had ever heard anything or seen anything strange and none had. I did find a report about ten years old from a man who had a sasquatch sighting a few miles south of the river in the same general area.  I also found some audio tracks on the Web that were thought to be recordings of bigfoot which confirmed my  suspicion of it being the same creature.
    I grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee on a farm with all sorts of domestic animals.  Usually each year a bear would be  spotted in our community coming down from the mountains of the Ocoee Region of the Cherokee National Forest.  I have camped at various places from the Appalachians to the Cumberland Plateau during all parts of the year.  I can distinguish the calls of bears, owls, elk, wildcats, even exotic animals such as emu and llama.  What I heard in Marshall County was something I had never heard before.  But when I found the supposed bigfoot recordings on the Internet, I knew immediately it was exactly what I heard.  It is a sound I will not forget.  

Activities of Witness:   Sleeping 

Description of Creature:  N/A

Other Notes:    During that week in January we were experiencing warmer-than-usual weather, but that night a cold front was beginning to push through with rain later the next day. 

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    N/A

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