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DATE:    November 1985

TIME:     around 7:00 am

LOCATION:   Scott County, Tennessee

TERRAIN:    Mountains

OBSERVED:    I don't even know if this story is worthy of mention, but I will submit it and leave the interpretation to those who read it. Before I share the account, which only lasted a few minutes, I would like to relate what history I have of this region.

    I first had experience with this are during the late 1970's, riding trail bikes. The area was not under federal control at that time and we spent quite a bit of time riding the many miles of old roads that criss cross the ridges and hollows.

    This area has a long history of eerie happenings, most of which are unrelated to creatures of this world. When in this area, I have long had a "bad feeling" , like I wasn't wanted there. And, I usually avoided this particular part. That, in itself is not a reason for a report on this  site, however I think some may have interest in the following description of events.

     The event happened in the mid 1980s, and I pretty much rationalized it and forgot it, until I read some of the accounts on this site.

    I had gone hunting during the November deer hunt with my brother-in-law and two other friends. I really can't remember the name of the ridge, but I do know that it overlooks the No Business gorge area. When we got to the area little before daylight we went our separate ways out different prongs of the ridge. I made my out one prong which probably extended a mile before dropping off into a deep hollow. There were deep hollows on both sides of the ridge, which was forested in yellow pines and hardwoods. In the hollows there were thick growths of laurel and rhododendron. It was overcast and not really that cold.

    Around 7:00 am I was startled to the sound of breaking brush over the hill. It was like something was breaking limbs and raising all sorts of hell. I also heard a growling, or deep grunting sound. To be honest it un-nerved me. When I moved to where my back was to a large tree and shouldered my rifle, the sound stopped and I heard nothing else. I did not SEE anything, as I was on the crest of the ridge and what ever it was was out of sight.  It could have been a wild boar, or a very ornery buck it rut, however I've never heard such commotion from either. It could also have been a bear, but the restocking of bears had not yet taken place. (That still doesn't mean it could not have been a bear). All I know is that it was something of size.

     I did not go investigate the sound, because I didn't want to run into whatever it was anyway. Hogs can be very dangerous in close quarters. Around 9:00 am I made my way back to our meeting point and really gave it much thought, although I have not been back. Upon reading some of the accounts on this site, I noticed how similar my experience was to many others, with the exception being, I didn't actually see anything.

Activities of Witness:   Set up deer hunting on the ground on a remote ridge

Description of Creature:  A large figure, 7 to 8 feet tall, that appeared to shift from place to place.  It charged at them reaching its arms forward when it came.

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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