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DATE:            1983-to present

TIME:          9:00 AM

LOCATION:   Around Shelby County near Memphis, Tennessee
                   I can not give those (exact location) details out
                   because I am in fear that my family of big foot
                   creatures will be used and abused

TERRAIN:      Wooded

OBSERVED:     A female big foot who was sick and needed help.
A cave where a family of them lives.
I have photos of them and their footprints.

The smell she carried around her body.
The large pink sores which appeared where hair was missing.
Fear in their eyes.
I have left them bushel baskets of fruit. They love apples.
There were animal bones, rabbit, deer ect.,  left in the entrance of their cave.   As for people missing their hunting dogs, oh well.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  (Please check eyewitnesses web site for a well written detailed encountered of her activities on the day of her first sighting)

seven to eight feet tall
weight around 400 pounds
copper colored hair
another one larger with darker hair
some smaller

Well I moved on with my life and left them all alone. I figured that someone out there one day could take the blame for their extenction, not me. I have seen them while scouting for deer and the same ones. I think they know my smell above all others and they know that I surely will never harm them or let anyone know where they live.  I believe that they have a need to communicate with other creatures similar to themselves just as we all do. But there is always that fear of the unknown. Especially man!!!

I have written a short story about my first encounter.
Visit my website under creative writing and check it out. I have chosen not to post the photos of them or very much information. Believe me, I know alot of people who would give their right eye just to capture one.
I have done drawings on sight and I do have a lino cut of a male that I did. These helpless creatures look more human to me than anything. They do not like metal. cameras, guns,knives. ect.

They are not afraid of pencil and paper. ha ... I am an avid woodswoman, I know the forrest like the back of my hand. I am more afraid of a man when I am in the woods than I am a "big foot".  I call them towering creatures because I am only 5ft. tall and they are so big. WWF and NFL would have some recruits here. ha.

OTHER OTHER NOTES:     Oh and the trees they seem to of destroyed probably held a very special insect that they love . Or maby honey or the sap could of been very sweet. They love sweet things. Or maby they know something that the tree may of contained that could of possibly cured one of their loved ones that was sick?????????????.All animals desire something.  (Believe this is referring to the photos of the tree damage on the GCBRO web site.)

OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?:   Any further updates will be posted on this report and if needed, referral to the eyewitnesses own personal web site.)

Report  Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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