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LOCATION:          Pound, Virginia, Buchanan County

TERRAIN:            Wooded

OBSERVED:         An uncle of mine said he observed a bigfoot outside of his garage. He noticed it for a split second and it was gone.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):    Walking around outside.


OTHER NOTES:      I played bigfoot sounds I downloaded to a different uncle of mine the other night and he said he heard similar sounds behind his house back in the woods. He lives back in a hollow in the mountains with neighbors all around him.  He lives in XXXX.   Two cousins of mine said they spotted bigfoot while hunting.  I don't know where they we're hunting.

Follow up:     Last night I was on the phone with a friend of mine, talking about bigfoot and suddenly he hears a roar outside of his home. He hangs up and get his 12-gauge shotgun. This was at the edge of dark so he could still see a bit. He fired 1 shot and it clipped the things left shoulder. It started to run so he fired 3 more shots. Only 1 hit. He said it was a bear but he's not for certain. His younger brother was with him at the time. Before he shot it he said he quickly snapped a pic of it.  About midnight him and a friend was awoken by a ANOTHER ROAR. This time he said it looked more human-like.  It was about 5 ft. tall he reported. He shot at this one but missed.

He examined the tracks and said they were about as big as his foot. 5 toes. He's sure the first thing was a bear but  he doesn't know about the second thing. Maybe if the first thing was wounded it told the 2nd thing to go and attack him. One more thing. About June in the early morning hours my mom said she saw a black thing across the creek from the house. Hope this helps. Remember I live in Buchanan County, VA.


There will be another update on this sighting report in the near future.

Report  Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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