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DATE:         March

TIME:           General multiple sighting report

LOCATION:     Surry/Stokes Counties, North Carolina,
                         Carroll County, Virginia
                         Mt. Airy, North Carolina also in Virginia
                         along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

TERRAIN:        Mountains

OBSERVED:    52 in N.C. also 89 south toward Virginia,  Blue Ridge Mountains also strange but had about 4 sightings at the Wal-Mart in Mt. Airy, N.C. Another couple of sightings in a small country community called Beula N.C.

Several sightings have occurred throughout the border of Va. and N.C. My uncle tells of many strange things as well as unidentifed creatures he has encountered.  I myself have heard strange sounds in the mountain where I lived.   My father, as well as my brothers, told of sounds, steps, and how smart what ever it is.   Mt. Airy now has veiwed several sightings in the paper here.  Some are wanting to start up an organization here theirselves.  There is something here!   My boyfriend has also heard the sounds and can't explain all he felt was fear and confusion.  A tree on the mountain were I grew up holds a hole that contains hair of some sort.  There are cliffs with caves we always wanted to have them explored but never knew how to get someone here.

Strange noises heard by myself, sister, brother, and boyfriend.  Sightings and tells of a lady in a fur coat.  When the creature stood up it had hair all over and sharp teeth.  My uncle is very old but his story remains the same.  Although some say it is fiction I believe he saw something now that the local paper is coming out with sightings in this area.  I believe there is something here.

My uncle describes a tall, hairy, fanged creature.  Local sightings from this area describe hairy, dark in color and it lurks as it watches. There have been sightings of this creature upright as well as on all fours.   So far about five sightings and several that have heard strange noises.  People here are reporting more.  They may stop because there is some laughter in the background and they have been accused of drinking.  In the paper they talked about setting up a Big Foot organization.

These witnesses claim to be Christains.  They say that it is the truth.  Although Big Foot is a legend they claim they have seen this thing and Big Foot is what it appears to be.
I myself am a Christain and have no reason to lie.  I've heard something unexplainable. I was a little girl, I as my sister but the sound is still in my head.  About seven months ago my boyfriend heard something at my mom's house.  He is a big man and we hadn't discussed the noise the mountain holds.  When I tried to recreate the sound I heard from my childhood my boyfriend locked the doors and got off the mountain ASAP. He is now leery of my mountain.



OTHER NOTES:  There are places in these mountains man has never been. This area is a good place for creatures to roam freely  and never be seen.....



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