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DATE:  Started end of August, 1996

TIME:  8:00 P.M., just dark

LOCATION:    Washington, Lewis County

TERRAIN:  Mountains, wooded

OBSERVED: This all started back in 1996 when the renter of a trailer that August
was getting ready to go to bed and had the bedroom window open.  It was
 just dark 8:00 P.M., end of August, and he heard this sharp whistle.  So he
 repeated it back and all of sudden this thing came through the woods
 like a jeep out of control,  brush breaking and tree limbs snapping and
when it got close to the residence it stopped at the edge of the timber,and was
totally quiet.   All he heard was heavy breathing in the woods.  This fellow said he
plastered himself up on the other wall and just listened to sounds out side.

He was shook up bad and had no idea what it was. Then a few minutes later
he heard a branch break very loud and then something walked off on two legs.
He said twofeet is all he heard coming down on the ground. After that night this
guy went out at daylight to look around and 30 feet from the bedroom window
he found large footprints, larger then his own, 14 to 16 inches long.  He
followed the tracks all the way through the short wooded area to the road
 and across the road to a swamp where he followed them down an old spur
 road.   There he saw two more tracks.   One a very small set 4" long and the other
 14 " long and 16" long.   They went around the swamp to the other side and he
 found another set coming down the old spur to the swamp and they were
 18" long.   He had a tape measure with him.  He works in the wood timber as a

And this is the first time he saw the tracks.  He has heard of sasquatch and he is a
college graduate and said he's not crazy.   He knows what he found and saw.
He said when the creatures come the frogs stop croaking and it is on nights that
the sky was overcast.   This has been going on for sometme now.
He has young children and they have seen the creatures looking at them
from the woods.  They called them big monkeys.  The children have seen
them looking into their bedroom window and the window is eight feet off
the ground.

The father was afraid the creatures would take his children
so he moved away to Oregon in 1998 and now wishes he stayed there.  The
children and father are not happy in Oregon and would move back there
to the place the creatures come around.  And to this day there is
activity there.   He has talked to friends that live in the area that
check on the swamp and still find tracks.

Description of Creature:

Activities of Witness:  Various

Other Sightings in this area?  Yes

Other Other Notes:

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