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DATE:    June 3, 2001

TIME:     4:30 AM

LOCATION:   Mason County, Washington

TERRAIN:    Wooded area along beach

OBSERVED:    I was living aboard a boat in xxxxxx xxxxx Marina.  My puppy woke me up for a potty break around 4:30 in the morning. When I went out on deck with her she started to bark and bark toward the state park on the other side of the very small bay where we were moored.
Although it was night I could clearly see the creature from a light over the dock/steps area of a state park.  I saw it walking up steps from the beach to the land where it took 3 relaxed strides to disappear into the woods.  I observed this from my boat several hundred feet
away.  I was familiar with the area where it was walking and marveled at how quickly and casually it covered that distance of ground.  It went about 15 feet in three steps.
It walked upright, straight and tall.  I don't know how tall it was, but it appeared significantly larger than a man to me.

Activities of Witness:   My puppy woke me up for a potty break around 4:30 in the morning.  When I took her out on the back deck of my boat she started to bark and bark looking across the small bay where I saw the creature walking up the stairs.

Description of Creature:  I only saw it from the back.  It was a dark color.  Black or dark brown.  It had long legs with defined muscles in the thighs (not oddly long legs, just not short or squatty like an ape has) The shoulder area was rounded and bulky with muscle mass.  There didn't appear to much of a definition in the neck, but this could have been due to hair.  I don't remember much about the arms, they were thick at the top where they joined the shoulders, I don't believe they came close to dragging on the ground, or I would have
noted that.  It appeared to be pretty hairy, but the hair was sparse enough on the thighs to note long strong muscles.

Other Notes:    Later that day I went to the site where I saw it.  I verified in my mind where it actually walked--how easily it covered that distance in three strides.
There was a large old semi-hollow fallen tree that hung out over the bank near the sighting.  I scooted out on it a ways and pounded out a beat on it (just playing around with my kids)  That night and several different nights after that, I heard the same beat pounded out from across the bay...I believe from the same big log.
I did not tell anyone about the sighting.  A few days after the sighting my (then 9 yr. old son) told me that a friend of his told him he saw a big foot early Sunday morning.  (the same time I saw mine)
He said his friend was afraid people would think he was crazy, but he trusted XXX...he said he had gotten up very early to go fishing and saw a dark shape swimming in the bay toward the State Park.  He thought it was a sea lion, but then he saw it come out of the
water and walk on two legs down the beach a little ways, go up the steps by the dock and disappear into the woods.  He said it was
really big and black and hairy and that it was a big foot.

Shortly prior and shortly after the sighting my children reported some odd things while playing on the beach and woods. One believed he saw a thick hairy arm by a tree trunk when he looked through the woods.  They also reported hearing large branches snap and crashing like a large animal running in the woods on occasion (maybe 3 or 4 times)

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