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DATE:  July 4, 1999

TIME:  8:30 P.M.

LOCATION:     Priest River, Washington Shore, Pend O-Reille County

TERRAIN:  Tributary waters/rocky woods

OBSERVED:  I and a few of my loyal friends were out canoeing on the weekend to get away from the wife and the kids to go and fish on fourth of july weekend. We are about 2 miles from our private camp deep in the wood when all of a sudden we smell an intoxicating odor of rotting flesh. We came ashore to try to see if it was a dead animal. We looked till about 9:10 but nothing. We herd a crash of sticks and we looked in the direction of the sound. We saw what seamed to be a bear, but more shaped like a man. It turned towards us being only a few Meters away and appeared to be holding its leg that was caked with a thick layer of mud.  It then ran gimping toward the wood and then leeped doen a small crevas of rock. all that was left was a thump in my heart and a trail of footprints that seemed to lead to a ridge, but after what we saw we turned around and let the current carry us to a lodge and never spoke to won another untill we agreed to post this on your site.

Description of Creature:  Seemed to be a bear, but more shaped like a man.

Activities of Witness:  canoeing

Other Sightings in this area?:  Yes locals have talked of loud thumping noises in a local trailer court the Radford residence.

Other Other Notes:  STRONG ODOR

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