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DATE:    February 8, 2003

TIME:     8:00pm

LOCATION:   Washington, Thurston County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    One night we were playing video games then we decided to go out side because our dogs were barking into the woods. when me and my friend and my two little brothers looked where the dog was barking we saw a large silhouette like human running along the edge of the woods. We ran around the house to confront it then it ran behind our barn then we lost track of it. Moments later we decided to go see if we can see it, then we saw it walking  around in our drive way when my friend said "Hey you you are on private property" after he said that it turned around and started walking towards us.
Through out the sleepless night we heard violent pounding on the house and heard lots of stomping outside the windows and we saw it walk by the window a couple of times...

Activities of Witness:   Playing nintendo, drinking soda and eating candy.

Description of Creature:  It was a large human shaped figure about six feet high, could not see anything else because it was dark out.

Other Notes:    Later the next day we found numerous foot prints and small broken trees in the woods.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no further details to add to their report.

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