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DATE:  June 1994

TIME:  Night & Following Morning

LOCATION:    Wisconsin, Eau Claire County

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:   In the middle of the night I was up trying to sleep when I heard loud growling noises unlike i've ever heard. I was very small at the time so I was afraid. then a large shadow apeared in my window. I could see its arms and body, it was huge and covered in brown hair. the dog in the house next to ours started to bark and the thing ran back into the forest behind  our house. The next day I woke to find large tracks in the soil. I went into the forest to find a barbed wire fence pulled up out of the ground. I am still afraid of going out alone in the forest.

Description of Creature:   Huge and covered in brown hair

Activities of Witness:  Sleeping

Other Notes:  I found more footprints later that year, my dog also goes crazy at night sometimes. I always had a feeling of being watched. I think its still around because I went back and found pulled down trees and broken branches.

Other Other Notes:  N/A

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