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DATE:  6-24-87

TIME:   7:30

LOCATION:    Laona, Wisconsin, Forest County

TERRAIN:    Lake Area, Wooded

OBSERVED:   I saw what i thought was a bear getting a fish from the  water.  It was about 10 feet from the shore and I heard  splashing.    When I looked I saw something that was standing up like a man and was about 7-8 feet  tall.   It made a hi pitched noise and turned and left.

i was just out of the millitary and have seen war in Panama and this scared me bad.   This is my first day on the net but i had to look this up.

Description of Creature: 7-8 Foot Tall, standing up like a man.

Activities of Witness: Fishing

Other Notes:    a very foul odor like a fish pit

Other Other Notes:  :

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