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DATE:  2-13-98

TIME:  8:25 P.M.

LOCATION:     Yukon,Oklahoma,Canadian County

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:  Me and my friend went to our neighborhood deadend,we stayed there a little bit long and it started to get dark,we started heading back,you have to understand that the deadend leads into some woods,like I was saying,we started heading back when we heard crunching of twigs and dried leaves,at first we thought it was a bum because alot live there,they come out at night,but we saw what direction it came from and looked,what we saw was what we thought a great dane although the head was shaped liked a horse head,more like a camel,it was on all fours so we thought it was a dog,but it stood up and walked perfectly on hind legs,and we noticed the wings,they were small,but definetly wings.We werent sure what it was,but we got out of there very quickly as quietly as we could,i looked up different animals strange animals bigfoot for example,i saw a picture of the jersey devil and thought god thats what we saw,i cant explain it,too wierd too scary,I reported this because i thought it might be interesting to talk about.

Description of Creature:  More like a camels head, on all fours, but stood up on two legs and walked perfectly, small wings

Activities of Witness:  Nothing we just were playing basketball and we went on a walk to the deadend.

Other Notes:   Well,in 1999 we went there again,just to the front of the entrance,we saw something shadowy and  it was moving around with glowing yellow eyes,we ran like hell.

Other Other Notes:  None

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