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DATE:            6/20/01

TIME:            10:25

LOCATION:    Galatia, illinois, Saline County

TERRAIN:        Wooded, thick forest, swampy with open fields

OBSERVED:    Me and my friend XXXX and his girlfriend was coming home from work in Marion.  She lives in XXXXXXX so when we took her home... she lives out in the middle of BFE!, when we got out of the truck to stretch out i felt like i was being watched by something in the woods.  The woods are so thick where we were at that you cant see anything besides the open fields before we get to her house.   Her dog was going rabbid barking like crazy.  I could feel that we wasnt alone out there. By the time we pulled out of her driveway, we drove for about 3 minutes, XXXX was driving i was looking out the window and there is a gate with an open field.  Behind the gate was a werewolf looking creature with glowing yellow eyes!  As i stared at it i was tranced for about 4-5 seconds. I yelled out what the XXXX was that!!!!   XXXX said he thought he seen something to so we stopped the truck for a second and looked back. The werewolf jumped over the fence and started running towards the truck.   XXXX hit the gas and the creature was close behind but luckily it wasnt fast enough.  After we XXXXin got back in town in XXXXXX,  XXXX told me that he had seen a big creature run across the road early in the morning a few days before but didnt think anyone would believe. Well I believe there are werewolfs after that and bigfoots but the only thing i can say is what me and him seen that night. It scared the shit out of me and him!!

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):   Driving home my friends girlfriend

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:    Well im 6' and i would have to say it was about 6'5 to 7'.  It has yellow glowing, trancing eyes, black and gray hair, long snout just like a dogs but had long fangs.  It stood up like a man but was much larger, missing cattle, mutalated deer, dogs and other animals found in area.

OTHER NOTES:    I have heard there have been reports of cattle missing and deer found tore to pieces.  I have heard other stories about this creature.

OTHER OTHER NOTES:   We were scared shitless nextime we go back were taking our guns.......along with some silver bullets just in case!

OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?:   Yes, checked with the eyewitnesses and a few other locals have seen the creature since the date of this report.  There are current plans being made among them to hunt the creature down.

Report taken and Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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