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DATE:    1968-69

TIME:       I don't recall

LOCATION:  North Ridgeville, Ohio, Lorain County

TERRAIN:  Flat, farmland

OBSERVED:   This is mostly in response to reading a similar account in your
site under other weird stuff. I couldn't believe that someone else had an
exact experience as I had.  I to saw several pterydactal like creatures flying high in the sky.  I was only a small child so of course when i tried to tell anyone of
what I saw, it was all chalked up to my large imagination. Or they were turkey vultures.
But I know and swear to this day that they looked just like what I now know are pteradactyls.

These were very large.  I almost thought they were small planes.
After they began to get closer I hid down low under some bushes.
there were about 7 maybe 9 of them flying over, I believe them to
be flying north. They were all skin, no feathers at all and they
were very quiet.

I had recently seen a program about Thunderbirds.
And wondered if this could have been what I saw.
But these absolutely had no feathers, and wings like bats.
exactly as you see a pterydactal in a book.

I sure wish the other person who had a similar sighting could
know that they are not alone in what they saw.

NOTE:   This researcher has also personally known someone who has seen the same above creature in the sky in Montgomery County, Ohio about 1950 to 1951??.  They do not wish to be known or relate their experience here, but they do remember being very fearful and hid also to keep the large overhead birds (two) from seeing them.  The circumstances are very similar as when they tried to tell their parents what they had seen, and being a young child, they were told that they saw something else or it was only their imagination.  They have rarely told anyone else about it since.  I find these continuing reports of these bird creatures very fascinating.  Hopefully, others who lived in Ohio and have seen something similar will report it on our GCBRO online submission form.
Mary Green

Report  Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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