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DATE:              Early 1990's

TIME:                Night

LOCATION:      Middletown, Ohio, Butler County
                   Near Miller Road in an undeveloped area.

TERRAIN:          Basically a corn field.

OBSERVED:      This was relayed to me by my cousin. One of her students told her about it. Him and a bunch of guys about 17 years old were looking around an old barn one night and they saw a large, featherless bird. He said it was standing like a bird would but was about 6 feet four inches tall. Its skin appeared like leather. This occurred sometime in the early 1990's. This was at that time an undeveloped area. Just a farm area. Not too far from town.

 Apparently as they entered the barn the bird turned to look at them. Moving only its head. They ran out leaving their bikes. Later that evening there were police at the barn shining lights and looking around. (Maybe the owner of the farm called the cops). I thought of this after reading the "weird reports" section describing the "terydactyl" seen by the person in Montgomery County,which is the next count over. I know there have been other reports of strange birds seen in Ohio. You can put this in your "weird reports" if you want.

Report  Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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